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Thread: 30 famous people who have suffered from Bulimia

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    Thani Newton still looks like she has an eating disorder. She might just be petite, I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tofucheesecake View Post
    I don't remember Lohan ever saying she was bulimic. In that one major tell-all interview she said "I was making myself sick" which could be anything...making yourself sick from drugs, partying, alcohol, etc. Or did I miss something else she said?

    After the interview was published and the news of Lindsay Lohan being 'bulimic' spread like wildfire, she flipped out and went back to say her words were taken out of context...she claimed she wasn't admitting to being bulimic but more making herself sick due to making poor choices.

    So I guess unless she admits and actually says, "I was bulimic," at one point in time we'll never really's all just speculation.

    However, I vote drugs.

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