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Thread: Dear Cosmopolitan magazine: ‘Cancer is not a diet plan’

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    Default Dear Cosmopolitan magazine: ‘Cancer is not a diet plan’ Dear Cosmopolitan magazine: ‘Cancer is not a diet plan’

    By Travis M. Andrews
    Cosmopolitan Magazine posts weight loss secret that doesn’t take ANY exercise (It’s cancer the secret is get cancer)
    — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) April 11, 2017
    Cosmopolitan, one of the country’s most widely distributed consumer magazines, has long come under fire for its focus on physical attractiveness.
    On Monday, many people thought the publication went too far with a tweet: “How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without *ANY* Exercise.” It featured a photo of a fit woman in a pink lace-up crop top.
    Readers who clicked on the link to find out about an astonishing weight loss secret were taken aback by the story of a woman who lost 44 pounds after being diagnosed witha rare cancer. The story’s focus on slimming down infuriated them.
    Cancer is not a diet plan. Delete this.
    — Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) April 11, 2017
    As Jenna Amatulli wrote in the Huffington Post, “the weight loss aspect of Harbinson’s story is unrelated to everything she suffered through.”
    Cosmopolitan has since deleted the offending tweet but not before several journalists took screenshots. The story, though, was still on its website as of early Wednesday morning. And neither Cosmopolitan nor its parent company, Hearst, had yet commented on the controversy.
    The story’s headline on Cosmopolitan’s website now reads: “A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever.” An editor’s note below the article said the story had been updated, but it’s unclear whether the headline was changed.
    The article begins:
    Simone Harbinson is a 31-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, who’s healthier than ever, but the mother of two still has a complicated relationship with her body. “I was never satisfied with my shape or weight,” she says.
    The story then describes Harbinson’s painful battle with a life-threatening illness. She endured various surgeries, a partial lung collapse, PTSD and a damaged disc in her back.
    The piece then shifts to focus on her weight loss and promotes adiet called “The Bod” designed by an Australian fitness model. Harbinson said she lost 44 pounds on the diet, even though she wasn’t able to make it to the gym.
    The articles link to The Bod’s product page, where “Starter” versions of the diet program can be purchased. Throughout, the piece includes Harbinson’s Instagram posts that offer discount codes for the program.
    While the story doesn’t state cancer directly helped her lose the weight — it was merely the inciting incident that led Harbinson to stumble upon The Bod — many on Twitter took it that way.
    .@Cosmopolitan you literally are click baiting people for a weight-loss article where the secret was cancer.
    — Chris Robinson (@absolutcrobi) April 11, 2017
    Cancer is not a diet, @Cosmopolitan.
    — Poison Ivy (@WhoIsRylanChase) April 11, 2017
    Hey @Cosmopolitan – as a cancer doctor, I'm horrified. How incredibly disrespectful and insensitive. You owe a lot of patients an apology.
    — Allison Betof (@DrBetofMDPhD) April 11, 2017
    Get cancer + lose weight = yey? Dear @Cosmopolitan .. throw yourselves into the sun. Thankyou
    — Jen Lee (@JenVonLee) April 11, 2017
    .@Cosmopolitan is still struggling to figure out whether it wants to be a serious news outlet, or promote cancer as a way to lose weight.
    — Justin Homburg (@JustinHomburg) April 11, 2017
    @Cosmopolitan Sigh. Cosmo… Her story is inspiring but not because of her weight loss. Please don't romanticize her illnesses with this click-baiting.
    — Elizabeth Barone (@elizabethbarone) April 11, 2017
    Wanna lose weight without exercise? Cancer works for that, according to this shocking Cosmopolitan article.
    — Juliana Pignataro (@julie_pignataro) April 11, 2017
    How did she do it? She had CANCER! And the weight loss is what @Cosmopolitan focussed on?!?!?! FFS!
    — Hanknits (@hanknits) April 12, 2017
    @BostonGlobe @JamesPindell @Cosmopolitan Whoever came up with headline to treat cancer like weight loss cure deserves to be fired! What a disservice to cancer victims!
    — Pond lady (@newswatcher2) April 12, 2017
    Some shared personal stories of their brushes with cancer.
    Hey @Cosmopolitan, hate to break it to you, but cancer's not a foul-proof diet. I've gained weight on chemo. Mega bummer, amirite?!
    — Anne Hogan ❄️ (@Anne_Hogan) April 11, 2017
    Ya, my aunt was oh so sexy as she was dying & losing weight from cancer @Cosmopolitan. Do you people ever think before you put out stories?
    — Sarah The Gypsy (@ToothpasteWords) April 11, 2017
    @Cosmopolitan I remember when my husband had cancer, puking his guts out, such a sexy way to lose weight. WTF is wrong with you people?
    — Sarah The Gypsy (@ToothpasteWords) April 11, 2017
    Others compared the tweet to the recent United Airlines incident in which security officers dragged a “battered and limp” man from a plane because he refused to give up the seat he had purchased.
    United: "We are having the worst week ever!" Cosmopolitan: Amateurs. Step aside "Want to lose weight? Get cancer!"
    — Mr2Degrees (@zbolts) April 12, 2017
    Nice. The cancer diet plan. It's like they don't know #PR is an actual thing .@Cosmopolitan just chillin' w/ .@united today in #PR hell!
    — Julia Angelen Joy (@JuliaAngelenPR) April 12, 2017
    @Cosmopolitan heralded cancer as a great diet plan. As if this week needed another PR debacle.
    — Seth De Foor (@JSDeFoor) April 11, 2017
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    That is fucked up.

    With my luck, I'd catch the kind that makes you blow up to 500 pounds anyway. I think I'd rather just go to the gym.
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    I recall a model who had leukemia ( I think that was it), and the industry loved her look. My memory is not perfect but am thinking she was heroin-chic looking. (Off to google)

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