‘It’s not my diet, you morons!' Chrissy Teigen defends her 'hobby' of 'licking the cheese off Doritos' after critics accuse her of promoting eating disorders

  • The 29-year-old recently shared revealed she licks the nacho cheese off Doritos for a ‘low-carb snack’
  • People took issue with her comment, claiming that it promoted eating disorders
  • The model-turned-food-blogger has fired back, saying that licking the cheese dust is a 'hobby' and not her actual diet
  • She also said that she will, in fact, eat whole chips when they are part of a Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco

Chrissy Teigen wants to clarify that the reason she licks the artificial nacho cheese of Doritos is because it tastes good - not because she is starving herself.
The 29-near-old model and food blogger recently told Delish that sometimes, she likes to enjoy the nacho cheese flavor without all the carbs. But while the star famously indulges in pizza, ice cream, and even her husband John Legend's fried chicken on a regular basis - and shares pictures proving it on her Instagram page - some people accused her of promoting unhealthy eating habits with her Dorito trick.
However, Chrissy has never been one to sit back and keep quiet, and now she's taken to Twitter to point out how ridiculous her critics are.

'I wasn't honestly saying licking the seasoning off Doritos is my idea of diet, you morons,' she wrote on Twitter yesterday, presumably after reading maddening comments from people who said her chip habit encouraged anorexia.
The star had originally shared her guilty pleasure in an interview entirely about food, saying: 'I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag. You still get all the flavor, not all the carbs!'
But yesterday, she explained that the comment was meant to reveal a slightly gross, silly habit - not a trick she uses to avoid eating.
'It was in the context of "It's a gross thing I do and I am disgusting but hey it's low carb HA HA,"' she said.
Then, perhaps realizing that her hasty response might earn her even more backlash, she added: 'Sorry. You all aren't morons. Just the people who seriously think I go on Doritos seasoning diets. The rest of you are my everything. '

Serve her up a slice: The star (pictured with husband John Legend) prefers savory foods, like pizza, over sweet ones

In fact, Chrissy had also noted in the interview that she does eat whole Doritos chip from time to time - especially when it's part of a Taco's Bell Doritos Locos Taco. But when she buys that tasty treat, she'll usually be pretty sneaky about it.
'I'm used to living in New York, and I myself would never, ever venture into a Taco Bell or McDonald's,' she explained. 'But there's something about LA, with the drive-thru - it's too easy.'
She also admitted that she loves Tim's Cascade Jalapeño Potato Chips, and will even work them into a tuna casserole recipe. Her other favorites for snacking include Hot Pockets, cashews, pistachos, and Cup Noodles.
Of course, most of the time, Chrissy is 'meticulous' about the quality of her food - as can be seen on her popular Instagram page and food blog, Delushious.
The Utah-born beauty is also set to release her own cookbook, filled with recipes that she's been lately teasing online, like lemon arugula cacio e pepe and ramen salad. She tested all of the foods herself, picking meals that she actually likes to cook for her friends and her husband.

Meal time: Chrissy won't even be included dessert recipes in her book - but there will be cocktails

A bit of bloat: Though her food choices aren't always the healthiest, Chrissy prefers to stay away from carbs because you can see that she ate them by looking at her face

But one thing fans won't see inside the pages are recipes for cakes, cookies or ice cream, since Chrissy's palette favors savory over sweet.
'I'm not a big dessert person,' she said. 'I could never eat dessert again. I skipped desserts entirely in my upcoming cookbook. I hop from breakfast to lunch to dinner to drinks.'
Clearly, the Norwegian-Thai bombshell doesn't have a problem with treating herself to the occasional high-calorie treat - rather, her main problem with sweets is that they're so often packed with carbohydrates, which do a number on her gorgeous face.
'Carbs make me go "pow",' she explained. 'You can literally look at a photo and know if I ate carbs. My face isn't the most forgiving of them.'
Which is why she gets 'really mad' when she's met with a continental breakfast. Chrissy's not a fan of pain au chocolat or croissants, and prefers to start her day with eggs, turkey bacon, avocado, and grilled tomatoes.