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Thread: Has Emma Watson lost weight as of late?

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    Default Has Emma Watson lost weight as of late?

    I just watched the MTV Movie awards a couple of weeks ago and Emma Watson I saw her on the red carpet and her figure did not look the way it used to be last year...she had much of a curvier figure to her. I don't know why she lost so much weight..remember seeing her filming Bling Ring she was very thin on Set for that. Here's last year's awards...

    And here's this years 2012 MTV Movie Awards...can you tell the difference? I can..

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    I don't see a difference.
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    I think she's maybe a smidge thinner, but hardly too thin. She looks healthy and I don't see bones sticking out anywhere. Not Kate Bosworth territory by any means.
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    Looks the same to me. Changes so minor you can barely see them might be period bloat.
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    Her arms and legs look the same.

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