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Thread: Barbra Streisand tries to loose 50 pounds

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    Default Barbra Streisand tries to loose 50 pounds

    I've found this link

    It's told that Barbra has put on 50 pounds. Is that really true?
    I havn't seen something from her for such a long time.

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    Default Re: Barbra Streisand tries to loose 50 pounds

    Why is she having another farewell concert? And for $1500 a ticket? I can't believe how huge her ego is. And she claims she's doing this to lose weight? Join a gym, lay off the chips or something. Argh she pisses me off.

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    Default Re: Barbra Streisand tries to loose 50 pounds

    Her fat head must weight at least 50 lbs alone. Her ego is what makes her ugly (and the nose too) not any extra weight.

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