Eight months after he was ordered by doctors to go on a drastic diet, comedian Matt Lucas is cutting a dramatically thinner figure these days.
Spotted leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios today, the 35-year-old comedian looked slimmed down and dapper in his tailored suit.
The Little Britain funnyman was told to reduce his daily calorie intake to 1,500 last Spring over fears he may develop diabetes.

Super slimmer: Matt Lucas shows off his slimmed down physique outside the BBC today (left), compared to his formerly heavier frame

The London-born star took the doctor's warning serious after tragically losing his own father John to a heart attack in 1996.
When he started his diet last Spring, the 5ft 6 comedian weighed around 14 stones and had already lost two stones by last September.
And given his svelte appearance today, it looks like he has lost even more weight.
Lucas revealed he was going on a diet last May after admitting he had a lack of self-discipline when it came to food.
Hopefully Lucas was assisted in his diet by someone more encouraging than his cruel Little Britain character Majorie Dawes, who runs a 'Fat Fighters' weight-loss club, despite weighing 15 stone herself.

Looking after number one: Lucas went on a drastic diet after being warned about his weight by a doctor

Lucas told Heat magazine: 'My doctor said that my health was at risk. I didn't want my health to be in danger. My dad died at 56. So I thought I needed to sort it out and take responsibility.
'I also realised I had got to the stage where I couldn't actually picture myself as not fat.'
While Lucas has already lost several stones, he accepts he'll never be a skinny man.

Inspiration? Lucas as 'Fat Fighters' tyrant Marjorie Dawes in Little Britain

He explained: 'The likelihood of me being a proper thin man is remote. I think I'll end up being a stone overweight.'
As well as reducing his calorie intake, Lucas also enrolled in the gym with the help of a personal trainer.
He said: 'It's hard, but it does get the endorphins going and I do get a tremendous sense of achievement as I lie there in pain. My trainer is a really nice, eccentric lady, and while we train we have really interesting conversations.'
Despite having some difficult times in his younger years - like losing his hair at the age six and the divorce of his parents four years later, Lucas insisted there was no emotional reason behind his prior over-eating.
He said: 'People often look for deep psychological and emotional reasons why people eat, and I'm sure for many people those exist.
'But other people, and I would include myself, are just f**king greedy bastards who like eating. It's nice - it's a nice feeling. Eating chocolate is nice, right? Chocolate's f**king great.
'So I don't think it was a horrible self-comforting thing, I think it was just lack of self-discipline. Most people want a load of chocolate, but they stop. They think, if I do that I'll get fat. Whereas I just thought, I don't care.'

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