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Thread: Jason Alexander is the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig

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    Default Jason Alexander is the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig

    EXCLUSIVE: Jason Alexander is the New Jenny Craig Spokesperson!

    Courtesy Jenny Craig

    Move over Valerie Bertinelli and Sara Rue — there’s a new man in town. Seinfeld star Jason Alexander has one big resolution for 2010 — to drop pounds as the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig. “It’s like someone’s clubbing me over the head it’s so obvious I should be doing this,” the funnyman told PEOPLE on Monday.

    “It was a deadly combination of I’m fat and they work,” he says of his decision to try the program. The former KFC spokesperson says he was drawn to Jenny Craig after watching footage of his recent appearances in film and television. “I just got to a point where when I would look at the Seinfeld reunion stuff or one of these other projects that I had done, I said, ‘I don’t like the way that guy looks. That guy is not attractive in any way, shape or form to me,’” he says. “It made me go, ‘Oh, yuck!’”

    Alexander hopes to slim down between 30 and 40 pounds to reflect his weight during the early years of the show that made him a star. “Over the course of the nine years of Seinfeld, I can actually see my hairline go away and my waistline increase. One of them I can do nothing about; the other I can,” he jokes. The comedian credits his initial weight gain to sympathy-weight during his wife’s two pregnancies – he gained about 15 pounds during each — and the increased quality of craft services on the Seinfeld set — “it will absolutely kill ya!”

    Alexander was also inspired by the success of pal and fellow Jenny Craig spokesperson Bertinelli, who flaunted her slimmed-down bikini-bod on the cover of PEOPLE last April — though don’t expect Alexander to do the same. “I will not be wearing a bikini for you,” he promises. The actor says he’s excited to join the mostly-female ranks of Jenny Craig spokespeople. “It’s hard for me to think of the Jenny Craig program — or any weight loss program — as a female thing,” he says. L.A. Clippers player Baron Davis has also endorsed the program. “I’m trying not only to do it for myself but I’m encouraging other guys to come on board and say we can do this. This will work for us, and we can do this and deal with the problem,” says Alexander. “If somebody goes, ‘Well, if George can do it, I can do it!’ – that’s great. Whatever it takes to get you heading in the right direction. If I’m it, great!”

    –Jessica Wedemeyer
    EXCLUSIVE: Jason Alexander is the New Jenny Craig*Spokesperson! – Style News - StyleWatch -

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    yeah he's chubby but he's one of those guys i can't imagine thin. good for him for trying to be healthier though.
    wtf is up with those jeans though? they look like a slightly acid washed version of obama's mom jeans.
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    Hey George, the Ocean called....they're running outta shrimp
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial View Post
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    Anyone for BOSCO?

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    I love me some Valerie. Just so proud of her.

    I saw Jason on the street. He must be about 5'4, solid and stocky. Just the way he looked on Seinfeld. He has a sweet face.

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    Never saw this one coming!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxmobster View Post
    Hey George, the Ocean called....they're running outta shrimp
    George said I should tell you that the jerk store called...
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    i am SO tired of Valerie Bertinelli and her bumpit. I guess Jason is the anti-bumpit.
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    If Newman can lose the weight, so can George Costanza.

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    George: I am not giving you my code.
    Kramer: I'll bet I can guess it.
    George: Yeah, right.
    Kramer: Ah, all right, yeah... Let's see... Well, we can throw out birthdays immediately. That's too obvious. And no numbers for you, you're a word man. Let's go deeper... What kind of man are you? Well, you're weak, spineless, a man of temptation.
    George: uh...
    Kramer: But what tempts you? You're a portly fellow. A bit long in the waistband. So what's your pleasure? Is it the salty snacks you crave? No no no no... Yours is a sweet tooth.
    George: I gotta go.
    Kramer: Oh, you may stray, but you'll always return to your dark master... The cocoa bean! And only the purest syrup nectar can satisfy you. If you could, you'd guzzle it by the gallon... Ovaltine!? Hershey!? Nestle Quick!?"
    George: [running away] Shut up!

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    LOL he even refers to himself as George in regular life
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