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Thread: Jim Carrey shows off fuller figure for Three Stooges

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    Default Jim Carrey shows off fuller figure for Three Stooges

    (JEEZUS H., ANOTHER one gaining weight for a role, gaining/losing weight for a role, the JURASSIC BLACK)

    Jim Carrey Shows Off Fuller Figure For 'Three Stooges' - Yahoo! Movies

    Watch out, Matt Damon -- Jim Carrey's coming through.
    The comedian has promised to gain 40-50 pounds for his role as Curly in "The Three Stooges" -- more than the 30 Matt put on for "The Informant!" -- and he showed off a chubbier figure on Thursday night at UCLA's 2009 Visionary Ball in Beverly Hills.
    Weight wasn't the only thing Jim's added to his look -- he wore glasses and had grown a full beard.
    Partner Jenny McCarthy, who stood by Jim's side on Thursday, previously told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush that she was looking forward to "dating Curly."
    "He said, 'You know, I'm going to have to gain 40-50 pounds for this role.' And I said, 'Oh my God! I get to be dating Curly!' That is the greatest thing ever," she told Billy in April.
    "The Three Stooges" is expected in theaters in 2010.

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    ugh 3 stooges. i HATED the 3 stooges.
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    Awww... Curly was my favorite!

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    You don't HAVE to gain the weight. Padding, fat suits, pillows - ask Katie Holmes about how she managed to go up and down for 12 months or thereabouts....

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    I don't see the problem with gaining weight if he wants to, plenty of actors lose weight (mainly the women who are told they need to)

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    Personally, I wouldn't gain 40 plus pounds, especially if I was almost 50 like Carrey is. I have enough problems keeping my weight stable right now in my early 30s without gaining on purpose.
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    Personally Jim's always been so skinny and has looked hella good but honestly I think he'd still be just as sexy even if he was bigger. A little OT but I SWEAR I thought I read somewhere that he dropped out of TTS...

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