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Thread: Ex-Eastender Jessie Wallace flexes her muscles on GMTV

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    Default Ex-Eastender Jessie Wallace flexes her muscles on GMTV

    Mrs Muscle: Jessie Wallace displays her impressive physique on the GMTV sofa

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 4:46 PM on 24th July 2009
    Jessie Wallace has been looking incredibly trim and toned recently - so it's no surprise she is eager to show off her hard work.
    But the actress appeared to stun GMTV presenter Ben Shephard with her muscly arms on the TV programme this morning.
    Jessie was on the show to promote her new West End show, Stepping Out, with co-star Brian Capron.

    Muscle maiden: Jessie Wallace shows off her hard work on GMTV

    Bulky babe: The actress appears to stun even herself with her new physique

    But her muscles stole the limelight after Jessie, 37, flexed her arms in a classic 'strong man' pose.
    Her tough-looking physique could draw comparisons to famous body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger or even the Incredible Hulk!

    The ex-EastEnder has transformed her figure recently after shifting two stone in just six weeks.

    Bye bye bingo wings: Jessie is rightly proud of her incredible transformation

    Force of nature: Jessie's new figure could draw unkind comparisons with the Incredible Hulk

    She's now a trim size 10, rather than looking like a 'butch Barbara Cartland', as she described herself at size 16.
    The mum-of-one has been following the advice of personal trainers Paul Ellis and Tom Stockwell.
    Jessie says: 'They said: "We can change you in six weeks" and I thought it was such a great opportunity that I'd give it a go. They explained the training programme and the diet, and I just got cracking.'

    Fat girl slims: A slimline Jessie (left) says she feels much better since shedding her 'butch Barbara Cartland' image (right)

    In addition to cutting out wheat, dairy and alcohol, Jessi has been hitting the gym three times a week and jogging regularly near her home in Essex.
    All that effort has obviously paid off, if her impressive muscles are anything to go by!

    Jessie's new stage show is about a group of misfits who come together once a week for a tap dance lesson.
    Jessie plays a woman with two-left feet who is battling relationship problems, while Brian Capron takes the role of a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

    No contest: Jessie's co-star Brian Capron looks impressed with her powerful pose

    Bamboozled Ben: GMTV presenter Ben Shephard looked stunned by Jessie's new muscly arms

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    I think she looks bangin'. Needs to watch the chest workouts though, 'cause she'll lose her tata's

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    I still don't know who she is, but thought I'd post this. I have to say that she doesn't look as big in this new article as the one originally posted in this thread. I guess the Daily Mail is grasping for some stories

    Is muscle-bound Jessie Wallace taking her new exercise regime too far?

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 2:09 PM on 17th August 2009

    Six weeks after gaining her slim new figure, it appears Jessie Wallace may be taking her newfound love of exercise too far.
    The ex-EastEnder's figure has gone from curvy to athletic and boyish after she took up a new fitness and eating plan.

    After initially shifting two stone in July following a six week workout, it looks like the 37-year-old has lost even more weight in recent weeks.

    Mrs Muscle: An athletic Jessie Wallace leaves her London gym yesterday

    Spotted with her trainer outside her north London gym yesterday, Jessie looked more muscly than ever.
    Wearing a black vest, shorts and leggings, the 5'2" actress cut a very athletic figure as she jumped into her car.

    Taking after Madonna, her lower arms and hands appear veiny, a common side effect of a heavy exercise regime.

    Her weight loss also appears to have diminished her bustline, which appears modest compared to her days playing busty Walford resident Kat Slater.

    Slender: Jessie's new physique is dominated by her muscley, toned arms and broad shoulders

    Shrinking bustline: Jessie has lost weight all over her body, including her chest

    As she was: A curvier Jessie several years ago

    Jessie was prompted to loose weight after watching herself appear on Strictly Come Dancing last year.
    The mother-of-one enrolled the help of personal trainers Paul Ellis and Tom Stockwell to help her get in shape.
    She said: 'They said: "We can change you in six weeks" and I thought it was such a great opportunity that I'd give it a go. They explained the training programme and the diet, and I just got cracking.

    'Because I've loved the food and started to see real results after just two weeks, it's been easy to stick to it. It really has changed my life,' she told Reveal magazine.

    As well as going to the gym, she has cut out wheat, dairy and alcohol and now eats more fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds
    The self-confessed chocoholic is now just eight stone, and has dropped from a size 16 to size 10.
    Aside from transforming her figure, Jessie is also preparing to star in the 25th anniversary touring production of Stepping Out alongside former Coronation Street actor Brian Capron.
    The show starts next month in Surrey with hopes the production will transform to the West End.
    Jessie is also mother to four-year-old daughter Tallulah Lilac, whose father is her ex-boyfriend Dave Morgan.

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    Just like US celebs and their weight obsessions.

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    After being fat for so long she's going for it big time! she should start maintaining otherwise she'd look like a wrestler, if not already. Her face is good though, I like the newly revealed shape of her face.

    The problem arises -again- from the fact that for years she'd been stretching her skin, now she must think she needs to do more exercise to look good naked whereas she only needs to wait patiently for her skin to bounce back a little and voilá, she's trim.

    anyway, good job of shaping up!

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    personally as a woman, i think us ladies look better with a softer body.. slim but with not so much muscle definition.

    while it may not be what i think is attractive.. this is better for her than being overweight... she looks happy and healthy

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    you already know.


    i think she looks cool either way, she has a pretty face so she's lucky in that regard.

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