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Thread: Workers of America: Wake up! We all need a union!

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    Ironically, the largest union in the US is the AFGE--American Federation of Government Employees. They're not all blue collar workers either. It's full of government scientists, economists, lawyers, clerks, etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Not all of it-not by a long shot. No one can deny they keep dead beat workers going,at the expense of the hard working.
    I always find this rationale laughable. It's basically saying that the only "deadbeat" workers are union workers. That ain't the case. I've seen plenty of non-union workers at corporations who were slackers who got pay raises just the same. I've heard plenty coworkers, who've each worked for 30+ years for a Fortune 500 company, complain about
    workers who didn't do shit, got paid well and promoted. The notion that if unions were gone the bad workers would be punished and the good workers rewarded is pure fantasy. The world ain't that simple.
    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Furthermore,I object to the initiation fee (or what ever its called) PLUS the dues they take out of an already small paycheck. It's like owing another credit card bill or something. You also have no choice at most union companies. You are pretty much forced to join. I am not speaking from personal experience,mind. Just complaints from various friends over the years and backed up by the same things said right on here.
    And yet, where exactly would they be without it?

    I had a coworker whose husband was an elevator mechanic. Belonged to the elevator mechanics' union. One of the reasons union membership was required is because elevator work isn't necessarily always steady. It can come in bits 'n pieces. But if you belong to the union (you do have to be qualified for it), they will work to find you a job if the company you were working for runs out of work. And these tend to be smaller companies than the large corporations.

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    I think in certain industries, certainly those of auto line workers, need union representation.

    But in my industry most are not unions and things are fine. I'd also like to say that firing incompetent workers isn't as easy in non union jobs either. We had a complete dirt bag employee that thankfully quit a while ago. But this employee was horrid, constantly undermining other coworkers, trying to get them in trouble, always late, lazy, etc. etc. But this person loved to milk the system, and our manager and even HR simply couldn't fire her because of fear of a lawsuit.

    So it goes both ways I guess.

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    Also remember that many non-union employees enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining.
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
    --Sinclair Lewis

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    Holidays Remind Us of What We've Gained Through Organized Effort

    Without unions, we wouldn't even have the ability to celebrate holidays with our families - unions earned workers paid holidays
    The winter holidays are almost here, and most of us can expect to spend a little extra time with our families, to hear from those we haven't seen in a while, and perhaps to eat a little more than we should.

    Charles W. Jones
    International President Emeritus
    It's a time of year when we are reminded of where we come from and the people who were there to help us when we were first starting out. We eat meals with relatives we may never see during the rest of the year, separated by distance and different lifestyles. We sit down with old friends and remember what things were like 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. Our conversations are filled with stories of the way things used to be, of memories - both good and bad - of the lives we've lived together, and of hope for a better future for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.

    For those of us who can remember 60 and 70 years ago, the contrast between the way things were and the way things are now is sometimes confusing. On the one hand, workers have come a long way during our lifetimes. On the other, we often see signs that our country is sliding right back into the anti-worker business practices and governmental indifference toward workers that made life so hard for the average family in the first half of this century.

    Without the work of our union brothers and sisters, our plates would not be nearly as full, nor our houses as warm, nor our lives as full of joy and promise.
    Few young people today appreciate the sacrifices union members made in the first half of this century in their efforts to secure a livable wage, a safe workplace, a dignified retirement, and a modicum of respect. Workers were often fired for organizing unions. They were beaten and tossed into jail by police departments, which functioned as no more than hired thugs for Big Business.

    During the infamous massacre of 1914 in Ludlow, Colorado, 400 state militia, bolstered by private detectives hired by the mining companies, attacked the tent city erected by the families of striking miners with bombs, machine guns, and exploding bullets. Women and children were burned to death in their tents or shot down as they tried to escape. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., justified the slaughter to Congress by saying that the principle of maintaining a union-free workplace "is a great principle," to be upheld regardless of the cost.

    And this massacre was not unique. For the crime of withholding their labor in an effort to gain a better wage, workers were shot and killed all over the United States - in Chicago, Matewan, Lattimer, Centralia, Herrin, Verdin, Dunnville, Homestead, and Philadelphia.
    Workers today still reap the benefits paid for by the blood of those workers. Child labor laws, the 40-hour week, Social Security, and workplace safety regulations all came into existence because of unionized workers. All of the benefits we now expect from our employers - paid holidays, company-paid medical insurance, pension plans - were won by the efforts of organized workers. All Americans and Canadians benefit from the work of labor unions.

    Parents have been able to raise their children better, owing to union wages, which were 38 percent higher than nonunion in 1995. Our communities are more stable, because unions provide job security and solid incomes. Our great middle class, born through the efforts of organized labor, is the bulwark of democracy for the entire planet, maintaining peace and offering prosperity worldwide.

    As we enjoy the holiday season, we should remember the direct connection between strong unions and good jobs, between union membership and better wages, between solidarity and job security. Our families - especially our children - must learn the role that unions play in our lives and in theirs.

    It is no accident that in the past two decades, as union membership has declined, so have the wages of the average worker. If we are to reverse those trends, we must make sure every worker and every family member understands the importance of being a strong union member.

    Give thanks for your union brothers and sisters this year. Without them, and without the thousands of unionized workers who have come before us, our plates would not be nearly as full, nor our houses as warm, nor our lives as full of joy and promise.

    Holidays Remind Us of What We've Gained Through Organized Effort | International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Seems like a whole lot of people go from in a union to-zap-company out of business & out on thhe streets. Unions seem like just an unnecessary extra bill to pay. Dues don't seem cheap. In this day,if you think you are mistreated-sue.

    um, you don't need to be in a union to get laid off, most plants aren't union and they lay people off all the time. Union dues are one of the main things that plants in right-to-work states harp about. When you don't have to pay out the wazoo for crappy benefits you can afford the dues, dues are a moot issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    I've never belonged to a union but I think they have a place, particularly when it comes to blue collar work. Remember, unions started partly in response to the railroad barons and their lovely company store setup. sure, there are problems with the unions but I think they're less glaring than the problems with the owners/boards of most companies. the money stolen or sidelined by the executive suites of most companies could more than make up any extra costs implemented by unions. And don't buy that unions are breaking the companies. That's propoganda put out by the repugs and other union-busting types.
    yeah, if you read about this from a global, corporate level and how they are trying to break the 'rigidity' of the French and German labor markets it makes it very clear where the propaganda is coming from
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    rigid Germans?

    No wai.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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