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Thread: Why aren't the Bush daughters in Iraq?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamieElizabeth View Post
    Hasn't it been a common trend for most Presidents NOT to enter the combative side of war? The issue at hand, is that there is a misrepresentation by Bush. Plus, if you look at a Marine, which from my undertanding are the ones trying to sort this mess out anyhow, they are of a certain type, strong with a lot of mental and physical dexterity.
    Not entirely, 40% of the troops in Iraq are National Guard and Army Reserve. Getting shipped to Iraq for mulitple tours isn't exactly the sandbagging flooded streets in their hometowns they signed up for.
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    Soldiers become what they are through training. There are individual differences obviously but noone is of a certain type from the beginning. They are trained to do what they do.

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    What about Individual Choice?

    "because of a clause in the “No Child Left Behind Act, recruiters can get students’ information directly from school records.

    Moreover, a military contract itself is a binding document on the individual. Leaving the military is more difficult than many imagine—soldiers not only have a tough time applying for legitimate, legal discharges, but they also have to face outside, societal pressures. How often have we heard these statements: “You made the choice as an adult (eighteen-years-old)”; “it was your decision”; “you signed the contract, you have to live with it.” Individualism pervades the whole process, from recruitment to decision-making to living with the consequences. It is, after all, the “Army of One.”"

    CPF - Fall 2006, Volume 5.2

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