View Poll Results: Who would you vote for if the Presidential election was held today?

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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

    33 45.21%
  • Barack Obama (D)

    19 26.03%
  • John Edwards (D)

    8 10.96%
  • Mitt Romney (R)

    3 4.11%
  • John McCain (R)

    3 4.11%
  • Rudy Giuliani (R)

    7 9.59%
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Thread: Who would you vote for if the Presidential election was held today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    I'd vote for Obama in a heartbeat, even though I wish he had a little more political experience under his belt. But, then again, that could work to his advantage. I mean, no candidate has inspired me to want to vote since Bill Clinton, but Obama does. Not to mention, I like his ideas on healthcare and foreign policy.

    At first, I was going for Hillary, but she's starting to rub me the wrong way more and more. And Edwards, while he has some good economic ideas, I just think he's too much of a 'pretty boy' for anybody to take him seriously.

    Hell could freeze over 100 times, and nobody would want Curious George to stay in office for a third term. Even his own party is fed up with him, which is why a lot of Republicans have distanced themselves from Bush.
    My sentiments , exactly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoveFeatheredRaven View Post
    Hillary Clinton. I don't have a problem with Obama but as Grimm said, I have seen the Clinton's in the WH and know what good they are capable of doing. If the Repugs had left them alone (Whitewater, sex scandal etc) they could have accomplished a lot more. Sure, HC failed on universal health care. I think anyone would have at that point. She was never going to be allowed to succeed.
    What did the Clintons as a team do? Bill was president, not Hillary. All of Bill's successes and failures were his and his alone.

    And as far as health care goes, it really wasn't Hillary's job to try and fix it anyway. She was just the First Lady, not a politician and she wasn't elected president. Not to mention, she had no prior experience with health care.

    Quote Originally Posted by DoveFeatheredRaven View Post
    I also don't expect her to come out and say she made a mistake. If Edwards wants to do that, fine for him. I think the Senators and Reps who voted for war were misled by an administration with their own agenda. I don't think I would categorize that as a mistake on their parts. They made a bad decision because they were given bad information. At the time, there was a definite "you aren't patriotic if you don't do x,y, or z" in the country. I can remember that and it was the Repugs who helped it flourish. The entire country was being misled at the time and it has taken years to get the true information out.
    But Hillary DID make a mistake, and so did everyone else who voted for the war. There are no two ways around that. And the information that she was given was the same info that Obama was given, and the same info that Bush was feeding to the public. If you make a decision based on false info, you still made a mistake. And while the entire country was being misled by Bush, not everyone fell for it.

    And the fact that any of the Dems or Repugs felt pressure to vote for the war because they didn't want to be seen as unpatriotic is definitely a 'mistake in judgement.' You don't cast a vote for war because you don't want people to call you names.

    And shouldn't Hillary, and the others who voted for the war, have been asking the tough questions like, 'why are we invading a country that didn't attack us?'

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    Well, all of the choices suck. I lean a little bit to the right, but I know the pendulum has to swing to the left for the next election, soooooo I'd vote for Hills. My Republican choice would have been McCain, but good God is he old. I think nostalgia for the 90s is influencing my Hillary pick....the Clinton Years were just an overall happy, exuberant time, as much as it pains my conservative-leaning soul for me to admit.

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