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Thread: Who is really responsible for the high prices you pay for gasoline?

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    Hydrogen gas is highly flammable. That's just the nature of the element hydrogen. Storing it properly is always a concern.

    Gasoline/oil requires a spark to ignite. Hydrogen can ignite, based on the circumstances, when mixed with air. Thus, hydrogen is more combustible than gasoline.

    Also, in order to create hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen would still need to be produced since you can't grab it out of the ground. You need water and electricity to create it. In a world where current forms of energy are depleting, where is the electricity going to originate to create all the hydrogen for these fuel cells?

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    Is there any data showing that a hydrogen fuel cell ignition is more explosive or deadly than one with a gas tank? Are there enough hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road to have statistical or anecdotal data?

    Also, an ICE engine requires gasoline or some kind of gasoline/ethanol blend. The advantage of a hydrogen fuel cell would be that multiple energy sources could be used to create it. We already have nuclear, coal, solar, hydrostatic, and windfarm energy to provide electricity, so couldn't all these sources help create or charge hydrogen fuel cells?

    I know this is your area, so feel free to expound.

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