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Thread: What's killing the Republican party? Right wing religious fascism crazies

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymeman View Post
    yeah, I never in a million years thought I would see the day when Parker would be making sense to me. I used to loathe her, then Coulter and Malkin came around and made her look slighly more sane than average for those folks. It think her criticism of Palin and the backlash has really emboldened her. But republicans pretending that christians are passively eroding the party is silly, they courted, seduced, married those fundies, carried them over the threshold and impregnated them (with cash) on the night of the wedding. And now it's biting them in the arse.
    Exactly. But what makes it even funnier is that Republicans only court the evangelicals at election time, once that's done they pretty much ignore them. I mean, the GOP only defended Palin because she could help solidify the base. But once the election was over they want to pretend she doesn't exist. The fundies have no use for the moderates and the moderates have no use for the fundies.

    But I love watching the Republicans implode the way they thought the Dems would do because of Obama & Hillary.

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    I'm thinking that if this continues the Dept. of Homeland Security may end up being just that, because when the fundies realize they are being cast off they might go completely outer limits and domestic terrorism may become a huge problem.

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