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Thread: What's George W. Bush been up to since leaving office?

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    Bush, seen above at Elliott's Hardware Store on Maple Avenue, has taken to calling young supporters. One 14-year-old was invited to visit the Bush home in Dallas
    Oh Gawd, he's becoming the new Michael Jackson.
    "But I am very poorly today & very stupid & I hate everybody & everything." -- Charles Darwin

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    Then there's the time, about a month after leaving the White House, when Bush dropped in to see students at Pershing Elementary School. He asked if the children knew who he was. One replied, "George Washington!" To which the 43rd president of the United States replied, "George Washington Bush." When a parent asked him to consider working at the school's haunted house carnival, Bush replied, "I'd make a good ghost."
    Nice save?

    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    Dubya has been doing what Cheney should be doing, shutting the fuck up.
    Cheney has been talking a lot lately.

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    He asked if the children knew who he was.

    Haha I wish one of those little kids would have said what their Dubya-hating parents thought of him.

    "Yeah, mommy said you are that asshole."


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    Let Cheney continue to talk. He is destroying what is left of his party. Let George stay silent in Texas.
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