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I'm a pro-life Democrat, and I don't like Palin. I think her stance focuses on the wrong things (just as those who are abortion advocates ALSO focus on the wrong thing). She makes women who oppose abortion seem uninformed and lacking in compassion. Instead of worrying about the legality of abortion, we should focus on why women have them and try to make sure women are educated. Also, I don't understand how one can be against abortion AND against birth control. Rape and incest make up 1% of abortions performed, and there are women who lie about getting raped to excuse their abortion. This issue hasn't been examined closely by either side. It's not about our bodies, it's about everything, our education, our children, our responsibilities, how NOT to conceive a child. We need to give women real choices.

Palin is an extremist--but not all of us who oppose abortion do so because of religious reasons, and not all of us are judgmental.

I myself dont agree with abortion but then I wont judge women who have had abortions although I know there are women who abuse this procudure but then we cant ban or get rid of stupidity- I wish we could!!!!

I also dont think that the Government should ban abortion, because banning them will only lead to backstreet and illegal abortions. But I agree that education and birth control is vitally important to stop women having abortions in the first place. However Palin is affiliated with groups who want to ban the morning after pill, and sex education and shes forcing her daughter who is pregnant to get married to her boyfriend. Its also more about banning premarital sex than anything else and this is want they want remove any kind of choice that women have enjoyed since the sexual revolution.
To me that states that she isnt pro woman or even a femininst- that is why I said shes anti reproductive rights because she goes beyond the whole abortion issue its more about curtailing choice of any kind by controlling her womb.