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Thread: What do you think the country will be like in 4 years if your candidate wins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwgirl View Post
    See...I guess I don't totally agree with this. Lots of people talk about Clinton (which was the first presidential election I ever voted for at 19) and that things were bad under his presidency, and I just don't remember it that way.

    Where I lived during his terms, I recall jobs being plentiful, pay was good, cost of living was low, unmployment was low, health care costs were decent, gas was affordable, etc. I didn't know many people that were struggling during that time.

    Under Bush it seems like the cost of everything has tripled, jobs are not plentiful, health care costs are out of control, the dollar has dropped over 40%, etc. I know quite a few people who are struggling, have lost their jobs, can't find a good paying job, etc.

    To me, those things affect individual lives in very real ways. And based on the admittedly rudimentary research I've done, a discernible pattern is evident based on the party of the sitting president. I have a hard time writing that off as coincidence.

    While I understand that the president does not have a direct effect on a lot of everyday issues, I would say that they at least play a part in setting the tone for policies. And their cabinet members also play a part in setting the tone for the path the government takes.

    I obviously haven't seen nearly as many elections as you have, so is what I've observed just a blip and not really connected to who is in office (honestly asking, not being snarky)?
    From my perspective things aren't bad, and I'm not complaining. I had it good under Clinton, but I had it good under Reagan, Carter, Bush 1, Ford, Nixon, and Bush 2. Things aren't great across the country right now, but that's something I've seen happen before.

    But I've more or less been in the same economic position regardless of who is president. I don't mean that's a bad thing, but I mean that no president has really ever had a huge effect on my financial status.

    Certain things change because that's the world changing. US automakers have been on the decline steadily through my lifetime. They have been closing down plants since the 80's. There used to be a lot right near here in NJ as well as in MI. There are none in NJ now. The US auto industry has declined for many reasons- but they won't make a comeback. They may not disappear, but they will never be the world's best as they were years ago.

    Oil dependence has been another issue for my entire life. I remember the 70's gas shortages. It should have been a wake up call, but here we are 30 years later- same boat. We won't be off oil in 4 years, we won't be off in 8 years. This country can't get something finished at the World Trade Center, 7 years after it's happened. How are they going to get us off oil in that same time frame?

    The manufacturing trade in the US has gone away for many reasons, some internal and some external. The US was a developing nation in the early 20th century, going from agricultural to industrial....just like many third world nations are now. Jobs like those are what helped create the large middle class without a college education here in the US. That isn't going to come back either. Certain things will continue to be made here, but the global market has changed. It's a reality. And it's not all due to trade treaties, it's simple economic realities that drive it.

    The US will not have national health care in my lifetime, because it's not just a matter of insurance companies- which with their lobbyists play a huge part- but it's also a matter of our legal system and the revamping that would require to have nationalized health.

    I vote, because my vote does matter on certain issues. But on my direct economic reality, it hasn't yet. It's more likely to hit me economically when I vote on my state and city levels than on the federal.
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