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Thread: Are we at war with ISIS?

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    All I know is every time we get involved in this region of the world we create a new enemy that rears its head about a decade or so later. We may diminish ISIS but we are mired in a never-ending conflict in the region. It is ridiculous. I'm really afraid we are headed for a full-out global conflict in the area -- yes, another WW.

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    And just when we had achieved Peace in Our Time.

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    The US can't technically be at war unless Congress declares it, but that would require violating their sole constitutional duty to get re-elected, so they can't be bothered with anything but giving themselves an extra week of vacation after working for a grueling 10 or so days after their previous 10 week vacation
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    The Secrets of Isis was an awesome show. I don't understand why it's worth starting a war over.
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