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Thread: Want to work in the USA? Give us your DNA

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    Default Re: Want to work in the USA? Give us your DNA

    I'm with Lala on this one. The less information a government -- any government -- has about me, the better. They have too much already, IMO.

    I always have difficulty understanding why people are so eager to hand their rights off to governments who are untrustworthy at best, and subject to massive corruption even in western "democracies." Yes, a camera may catch a kid snatching a purse -- but it's not going to uncover a terrorist plot or lead police to master criminals. The fact is, all the security that was in place at 9/11 was utterly useless, primarily because people made mistakes. And it wouldn't be much better now.

    Governments routinely trot out this malarkey when they want to harass and take rights away from the majority of citizens, NOT the minority of criminals, most of whom won't be affected by these measures anyway. Has the harassment of ordinary people going about their business at airports resulted in a safer world? Not in my opinion. But it employs a lot of people in govt. and the security/defense industries, and keeps the fear factor high. A fearful population is a complacent population -- just look to the U.S. if you want a current example.

    And I well remember the case in Oregon. It was big news on the west coast where I also live.

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    Default Re: Want to work in the USA? Give us your DNA

    We cannot define the use of personal informations on the basis of your sole situation A*O now, can we? Having something to hide could simply be a medical condition where you can perfectly do your job but could or could not have a complication later on that could affect your company's health coverage costs - it's none of your employers business if there is a history of cancer or depression in your family that could make your prospects look worse than those of the next candidate - so far doctors, pharmacists and drug companies don't send your details to a central database that can be consulted by employers (or hackers) as far as I now

    As for DNA technology being sufficiently advanced to screen potential criminal the question of allowing this type of research is being disputed right now, as there is an ethical problem with the issue of typecasting citizens as "potential criminals"

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    Default Re: Want to work in the USA? Give us your DNA

    The fact that you have nothing to hide means absolutely ZERO.

    The fact that you're willing to let your privacy, civil liberties and personal freedom be up for grabs because 'you have nothing to hide' is exactly how fascism starts! So far in the US, the government has been breaking the law left right and center, removing checks and balances and oversight and then invoking 'national security' anytime someone tries to prosecute them for over-reaching their bounds.

    Read your history! It's always a slippery slope, and it always, ALWAYS ends up in the same place.
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    Default Re: Want to work in the USA? Give us your DNA

    Oh purleeze. I totally agree with PB about Govts spooking people into conforming but I do not think that my DNA profile on a database somewhere is going to make one iota's difference to my human rights or civil liberties. Who knows, I've had enough blood tests in the past - perhaps my DNA is already registered somewhere? I don't see the blackshirts goose-stepping down the street to drag me away. But maybe I'm not paranoid about 'privacy' because it's a myth. If the Govt wants to persecute me for whatever reason then it already has more than enough ammo. If you don't want Them to know anything about you maybe you should drop out of 'the system' altogether and go and join the survivalist nutters in, um, Oregon!
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    Default Re: Want to work in the USA? Give us your DNA

    I don't want anyone to have my private bodily info! I even felt wary about the Census form we just had to fill out.

    If you think it's crazy, you ain't seen a thing. Just wait until we're goin down in flames.

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