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Thread: Victory: Chicago loses the Olympics

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    they had better recount the day that the Wind of the Holy Spirit was emparted into Chicago in 2006."
    Big God fart?
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    I'm glad it went to Rio. It was the right thing to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Wombat View Post

    As far as Atlanta, it wouldn't surprise me if the IOC doesn't award the US the Summer Olympics for a long time due to Atlanta. A lot of the European athletes and IOC members were very unhappy with how the Atlanta games were run and overly commercialized.
    That was the worst Olympics I ever watched. Commercial after commercial, and then 30 minutes of commercials about the !USA! athletes and their drippy heart-warming stories.

    Practically no sports in that one at all. The star of that Olympics, Alexi Nemov, was barely seen and rarely talked about,

    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    I'm glad it went to Rio. It was the right thing to do.
    Yep, they deserve it. They will certainly run a cleaner Olympics than China did.
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    No more 10 year old "16 year old" gymnasts please.

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