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Thread: Very interesting Barack Obama video

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    Once again, for those of you that can't read:

    This is NOT an issue that keeps me from voting for the man, I just found it INTERESTING (you know, which the thread title CLEARLY states).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    Whatever Grimm. I refuse to stand here and have you bitch and gripe about everything Americans or Christians do. I do not put down gays and I would expect the same respect from you at times. You really need to learn a little about give and take.

    Anyway, moving on.......

    The video is interesting and I will not vote for the bastard.
    This is very sad to hear that now that you have found this video/picture after it has been circling the net for several months, and has been answered time and time again since. It was the National Anthem and he was singing along. There is also tons of video on you tube of him leading the Senate in the Pledge of Allegiance with his hand over his heart..way before this video/picture was taken. Your NOW outrage over this is mind boggling since this isn't new!! Why do we even pay attention to things like this when there are real crucial issues at stack.

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    Maybe that's why your country is in hotwater for showing no respect to your dead troops. Some people do have hearts and emotions, other than bitterness.
    I think you're thinking of Britain, unless there's some news I haven't heard yet. Canada is held up as the shining example to which Britain should aspire in this article.
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