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Thread: Todd Palin's sister charged with felony burglary

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    And the Palin lies just keep on coming...

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    It's not a lie if Jesus tells you to say it.

    An amusing comment from Huffington Post on this story:

    With the governor's family in jail, who's working the carnival circuit this year?
    Diana Palin, Sarah Palin's Sister-In-Law, Arrested For Breaking Into Home

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    jesus christ, they really are 100% white trash hillbillies.
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    What the hell is going on in Alaska? Got nothing better to do than do/deal drugs, break into homes and lots of teen sex?


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    OMG, what was that great lline a staffer cam up with? A bunch of Wasilla hillbillies ransacking Neiman Marcus from coast to coast, or something like that?
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