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Thread: Supreme court to mull partial-birth abortion bans

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    Default Re: Supreme court to mull partial-birth abortion bans

    I meant what I said about profiting off of a woman's body.
    Supply and demand. The woman is the one requesting the service, afterall. Regardless of your moral objections to abortion providers, the fact remains that they are human and thus need to eat and pay bills.

    The Planned Parenthood Pimps are nothing but a front to their drive-thru carve services. They are lobby professionals who fight night and day to form a society that reveres abortion over adoption and to any logical person who fights the idea that abortion is wrong
    Again, supply and demand. Women have been aborting babies as long as they've been having them. Your 'war' against planned parenthood is futile and completely ignores he bottom line of the issue: women will have abortions whether you like it or not. All anti abortion laws will achieve is the death and maiming of women. Though i do realise that your concern for women pales into insignificance when you're comparing them to non sentient tissue, just because it has 46 chromosones.

    they are labeled religious freaks or crazy people but killing an unborn human being has consequences and you must realize that harming your body and soul willingly is going to impact your life!
    I have absolutely no problem with abortion, the removal of non sentient, developing human tissue is not something that keeps me awake at night. I don't believe it should have special rights over or above the woman carrying it just because it happens to have 46 chromosones. Again, if a woman is not obligated to provide blood or bone marrow then she is not obligated to provide a womb, even if it means death for the inhabitant(s) of said womb. A woman is a fully functional human being in every sense of the word, to me it is ludicrous and totally illogical to take away a woman's basic human rights (and yes, the right to bodily integrity does outweigh the right to life) just because you have a love affair with the developing tissue she's carrying. Fetus (or 'baby' if you would prefer) or rocket scientist, a woman can not, and should not, be forced to play host.

    How do you know that you haven't been given a gift that will bring joy and overwhelming gratitude and that you've been chosen to bring that particular human being to this world who may may have a specific calling that may serve mankind. One person alone can change the course of the world.
    Like Hitler, you mean? As a woman who has no intention of having children i can assure you that no amount of your patronising cajoling will make me view pregnancy as a 'joyful gift'.

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    Lightbulb Re: Supreme court to mull partial-birth abortion bans

    Why not try offering alternatives? Support groups and individuals that provide help, work against denegration & disparagement of women who have children while unmarried, and encourage rational birth control and abstinence. OH! TOO MUCH TROUBLE, EASIER TO JUST YIP ABOUT IT.

    "I decided to better MYSELF"-Baby Bush

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    Default Re: Supreme court to mull partial-birth abortion bans


    Please stick around. I think I love you, in the purely platonic sense. We may be great friends.

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