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Thread: Supreme Court & conservative activists could prevent Obama from becoming President

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    ^Just because they argued cases in front of the Supreme Court doesn't mean they're always correct. Or that the Supreme Court sides with them. Ted Olson argued on behalf of Bush in Bush v Gore. Is that a decision you think is correct?

    I think the reality is that Tribe, Olson and everyone else don't want to admit that there was a gap in the law that was corrected in 1937. If there was no gap, then there would have been no reason to pass a new law. There can be overlooked gaps in law. Take Nebraska's recent safe haven law, where parents could drop off children of any age at a hospital and walk away. It was written badly because it was intended for new parents, not parents of teenagers. Yet, the way the law was written allowed for any child to be dropped off. Same thing applies to the law when McCain and other military children were born in Panama, the currently existing law was intended to be for one thing but was not expressly written for those in Panama.

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    SPOTUS just turned the case down, see other thread
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    you already know.


    this is me to the guy who brought up this shit

    nobody messes with my president!

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