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Thread: State Dinner arrival photos

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    Kal Penn will always be 'Kumar' to me. Tuxedo or not.

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    Michelle looked fabulous, and Bhava Shamaylan looked beautiful. I thought Colin Powells wife Alma looked great, but I was surprised to see Sanjay Gupta's wife - she looked tacky in the pink. I thought Sanjay would have a beautiful Bollywood type wife, like Bhava.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    Michelle's dress is impeccable - I absolutely love it. I do like her hair - it's really a different look for her, but hey, it's dressy so what the heck?! Tres glam.
    One chanel here was saying that she went to an Indian designer for that dress. The reporter said it was even more beautiful in person-the way it draped and moved was perfection. She wanted the dress & even asked the designer about it!
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    Someone mentioned on the evening news that Michelle's dress had real sterling silver in it. It really looked gorgeous on her - hell, I'd want it too.

    Agree about Governor Granholm (mine, of course) - that was not a good look on her. I like her anyway and her husband is a great guy from everything I've read about him and from people I know that know him.

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    i think Michelle looks lovely!
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