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Thread: Should gay politicians be outed?

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    Should all war hawks who are submissive bottoms in their personal lives be exposed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    you really have trouble with nuance and shades of grey, don't you? not everything is so cut and dry.
    Shades of gray are examined while examining the information and the possible outcomes from any and all actions. Once that has been analyzed, a decision is made. Those are not gray. It seems you have a problem with someone who has a differing opinion, which is created after assimilating what is presented. My opinion differs from yours? Oh well. Besides, I see in color anyway.

    If going after closeted people means the people who aren't harming anyone will suffer as well, the people who are saying go after them anyway are the ones who refuse to see gray. What will be accomplished? The hypocritical politician is booted from office and someone, who will represent the same constituents and their political platforms and beliefs, takes his place? Then what?

    You may think my grayscale differentiation is off, but this is nothing more than a hunt for assholes which could leave innocents hurt and accomplish a tiny bit which has no bearing on the overall movement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevellingInSane View Post
    All hypocrites know the risk of saying one thing and doing another.

    If outing a gay person for lying or being a hypocrite is ethical, then every closeted gay should be outed.
    Why? If they aren't harming anybody what's the point? Let them come out on their own terms. If they're being active hypocrites through actions and deeds and harming others, THAT is reason to out them.

    The double standard of protect those who are lying to not be labeled as gay but out the lying ones who have an internal conflict with be gay is doesn't wash.
    yes it does. one is doing no harm. the other is.

    One lies to make it and the other lies to make it, but takes his anger out in a nasty way.
    Yes, and that's harmful to others. Being purposefully harmful to others and/or helping to infringe upon the rights of others means you are fair game.

    Let's be realistic: the religious freaks already attack gays every day. They out people every day. This is not some big switch from the norm. The only switch would be that they suffer the same.

    If there were religious closet cases who did no harm to others, then i couldn't give a shit what they do. They aren't doing any harm. They have no hypocrisy to reveal. All they have is terms they have not come to grips with internally yet.

    The ones out there oppressing others, pushing bigotry who lead double lives? They have hypocrisy to reveal.
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