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Thread: Serious rumor, is John McCain senile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleWasHere View Post
    ^ Except wasn't Reagan better at trying to hide it?
    Don't underestimate Nancy's role in helping Ronnie cover his dementia. Having a loving spouse to watch your back goes a long way.

    No way McCain got lost on his way to the bathroom. He's got Secret Service detail following him 24/7. They would make sure he got to the can and then back to the stage. The agents aren't going to lose their jobs by allowing McCain to wander around without security.

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    I dont know about this incident, but remember when he came home from Germany and said he'd had a very productive meeting with President Putin? Did he not know he was in Germany and not Russia? Does he think President Putin is the leader of Germany rather than Chancellor Markel (who is a woman, hard to confuse the 2).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmmdee View Post
    How I would like this to be true but I doubt it.

    I know what you mean cmmdee - maybe he had a new bag of snausages for Mr Puddles and was looking for him again, hopefully with a toilet paper stream hanging on his shoe. Now that would be a video worth watching.
    as privileged as a whore...victims in demand for public show, swept out through the cracks beneath the door, holier than thou, how?

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    ^^ Lmao!!!


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