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Thread: Scott McClellan-former Bush Press Secretary, backs Barack Obama

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    Yes, RIP Molly! I absolutely loved her writing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinola View Post
    I think he was always creepy, but I think even Molly Ivins and some other progressive Texas political journalists and commentators underestimated how bad Bush would be for this country. If you read her book "Shrub" (coauthored with a friend of mine), it makes him out to be a loser (and he always was), but they just didn't anticipate how incredibly badly he would screw up this country.

    OTOH, some people did anticipate some very bad stuff, but they were just not even remotely mainstream like Molly (RIP).
    Did either of you see W.? Curious if you have what you thought. As much as I thought I knew Bush, I was pretty horrified with what I saw regarding his background in Texas. I really didn't know that much about his past. It's pretty shocking that he ever became President.

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    ^They did a good job of hiding it before the election of 2000. And those that should have paid attention to it ignored it.

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    To his defence, McClellan vehemently attacked repugs on Larry King Live yesterday and totally defended and explained why Obama is the better choice. He set that bastard Lars Larson straight who was trying to tell him how the Shrub's administration worked by telling his first hand experiences. He seemed more genuine than all the others on that panel.
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    Molly Ivins had him pegged. Nothing that twit has ever done would have surprised her. Dub-ya I mean.
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