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Thread: Sarah Palin's new Attorney General pick called gays "degenerates" in public letter

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    And this pick is shocking to who exactly?
    Palin and her tard friends... all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    the US is already socialist. Taxes are socialist. Social programs are socialist. CORPORATE WELFARE IS SOCIALIST.

    People are just too buttfuck stupid to realize they've been had.
    I am sick to death of that word. It's like the Republicans all picked out what they thought was this great insult and now everyone is saying it whether it makes sense or not.

    Just read the comments on this story from our NC news station:

    With autos, Obama expands government's role ::

    Obama is compared to Hugo Chavez because he doesn't want to let GM and Chrysler continue with their bogus management practices? I don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KandyKorn View Post
    Honestly, he looks like the poster child() for the 'Good Ol' GAY Boy' Club.
    THERE we go.

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    This guy is a total under-cover-socialist. Look at it this way, his Hummer is bright RED. If he was a true American patriot, the Hummer would be red, white, and blue.................

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    will someone just snuff this woman out already?

    He who knows does not speak.
    He who speaks does not know.

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