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Thread: Sarah Palin resigning; Governor no more, will not run for re-election

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    Sorry I just don't think this Legal Defense Fund hullaboo is the Iceberg. Palin can claim that she relied on her attorney (having no legal education herself) and he gave her bad advice. Palin's attorney could be sued for malpractice, seems like. But I think Palin will slither away from this unscathed. She can claim ignorance and play the poor Sarah, burdened by all these legal bills card and her minions will still love her.

    Now, Housegate, I really wish they'd investigate that further, because she was directly involved in that and it cannot be explained away. Plus it sounds real good on a newscast - "governor gives city contract to builder in exchange for free house" (show big ass house). Now that's something that can get those working class hatred juices flowing.

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    July 24, 2009: The political flash of the week continues to be the emerging questions about what the governor knew about her defense fund trust and when did she know it?

    This week a report was made public that showed special investigator Tom Daniels had found probable cause that Governor Sarah Palin's legal defense fund trust represented a violation of state ethics rules. Daniels ruled that Palin would have directly financially benefited (i.e. getting her personal legal bills paid) which violated the prohibition against executives using their position to enrichment themselves.

    As soon as the story broke, Palin's fund, the Alaska Fund Trust responded by saying the report was wrong because the governor was as never informed about the trust.
    "The governor is not, was not and has not been involved in this trust," Kristan Cole of Wasilla said Wednesday in an Anchorage Daily News article.
    Cole, a Palin friend and trusted appointee to state boards, told the press she had never talked about the trust fund with Palin until Tuesday, when a copy of Daniels report made it into the hands of the Associated Press.

    Tuesday? That would mean the first time Kristan Cole spoke to Governor Sarah Palin about the legal defense fund was on July 21, 2009.

    However when the creation of the fund was announced and written up in the press three months ago, Palin's closest advisor, Meg Stapleton, made it a point to talk about the active role the governor took with Cole during the initial development of the fund.
    On April 24, 2009, Stapleton established the fact that Palin was well aware of what was going on with the fund from day one.

    "When the Governor gave Kristan Cole permission to launch a legal expense fund, she had one request: keep it in Alaska," said Stapleton in the United Press International story. (link below)
    "When the governor gave Kristan Cole Permission to launch a legal expense fund"?

    This quote was given in April of 2009, three months ago. But yet today Cole is trying to sell the press that the governor didn't have a clue about the fund she granted permission for Cole to launch?
    And what about that personal thank you note that was sent to Alaska resident Mark Bowers after he donated to the Alaska Fund Trust in May of 2009?

    Photo lifted from Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis

    Is it still called the gotcha media when you gotcha yourself?
    Permafrost Friday: Straight Up |

    Palin, Van Flein and their unethical spin about ethics Part II--explaining the report

    by: Celtic Diva

    Thu Jul 23, 2009 at 11:22:42 AM AKDT

    Today: The above note was discovered on the interweb (h/t Phil Munger) and our soon-to-be-Ex-Gov tweeted this bit of gibberish (For those who don't speak "Twitter", read them bottom-to-top. For those who still don't understand the Gov., don't worry...nobody does):
    AKGovSarahPalinLegal Fees Fund trustee's press conf yest set record straight w/facts/truth re:recent complaint;read transcript in case press chooses not to
    (about 4 hours ago from Twitterberry)
    AKGovSarahPalinjudge investigation,destroy integrity of process&strip rights;Abuse WILL cont til leaks/friv filers r held accntble&press reports accurately
    (about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry)
    AKGovSarahPalinThis wk saw add'l violation of law:filer of friv ethics complaint leaks confidential documents out of context 2 create false headlines, pre-
    (about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry)
    I could not pick a better lead-in to demonstrate the title of this post!

    In Part I, I discussed the Executive Branch Ethics Act (EBEA) and the process that an ethics complaint goes through. I focused mostly on the points in the process when a complaint can be dismissed. Here, I want to explain Tom Daniel's leaked report regarding the Governor's defense fund (AK Fund Trust) and where in the process they REALLY are, not where the Governor wishes.

    The EBEA is extremely poorly written and it bounces all over the place. The Act seems to jump around in its explanation of the process. As I've also touched on in Part I, there are several ethics processes: one where an employee or their supervisor asks if something is a violation, one complaint process for most of the Executive Branch employees and then a second complaint process if the subject of the complaint happens to be the Governor, the Lt. Governor or the Attorney General. The main difference between a complaint against the Governor, Lt. Gov. or AG and a complaint against a regular Exec. Branch employee is that the Attorney General cannot get involved. The Personnel Board hires an independent investigator to fill his role.

    The problem is that the EBEA does not seperately explain each process, probably because they are mostly the same. However, they leave it up to the reader to fill in those blanks or, more accurately, make the mental substitutions in the areas where they follow the same path. So, when reading the process, one must mentally substitute "independent investigator" for "Attorney General" or "designated ethics supervisor." Understandably, most people not intimately familiar with the Act find it difficult to do so.

    After that rather lengthy explanation, here is where that report from Tom Daniel fell in the process (emphasis mine):
    Sec. 39.52.335. Summary of disposition of complaints and review by personnel board. (c) If a complaint is dismissed under AS 39.52.320 or resolved under AS 39.52.330, the attorney general shall promptly prepare a summary of the matter and provide a copy of the summary to the personnel board and the complainant.
    Investigator Tom Daniel was acting as the Attorney General. According to the EBEA above, he was the one attempting to "resolve" the complaint. His almost fearful insistence in the report that the Personnel Board "has the final say" is technically correct, but they already knew he was attempting this resolution and according to this part of the Act, it is already considered "resolved" once it's sent to the Personnel Board.
    He was attempting this resolution through this part of the Act:
    Sec. 39.52.330. Corrective or preventive action. After determining that the conduct of the subject of a complaint does not warrant a hearing under AS 39.52.360, the attorney general shall recommend action to correct or prevent a violation of this chapter. The attorney general shall communicate the recommended action to the
    complainant and the subject of the complaint. The subject of the complaint shall comply with the attorney general's recommendation.
    Investigator Daniel was EXTREMELY lenient, just like Petumenos regarding the "remedy" he offered the Gov. to reimburse the State for some of her children's travel. His findings would allow her to avoid a Personnel Board hearing, thus keeping her meme that she was not found to have done any "wrongdoing."

    Where Tom Daniel came up with the "remedy" is found in another section of the EBEA (emphasis mine):
    Sec. 39.52.210. Declaration of potential violations by public employees. (b) A public employee's designated supervisor shall make a written determination whether an employee's involvement violates AS 39.52.110 - 39.52.190 and shall provide a copy of the written determination to the public employee and to the attorney general. If the supervisor determines that a violation could exist or will occur, the supervisor shall,

    (1) reassign duties to cure the employee's potential violation, if feasible; or

    (2) direct the divestiture or removal by the employee of the personal or financial interests that give rise to the potential violation.
    Again, here we have to substitute "designated ethics supervisor," which applies to the other Exective Branch employees, with "independent investigator." Sending the very final report (per Investigator Daniel) was an offer of a "remedy" that required her simple acceptance of the terms (think "settlement") to avoid further action. Tom Daniel was once again trying to give the Governor an "out," passing over the fact that she had actually collected the money under the conditions he found in violation of the Ethics Act and giving her the opportunity to walk away scott free if she would NOT SPEND THE MONEY. Tom Daniel was acting with the full powers of the Attorney General, with the full knowledge of the Personnel Board and was allowing the Governor to avoid a hearing.

    Her response? She sat on it...and sat on it...and sat on it...for a week. I believe she had every intention to continue to sit on it until after Sunday. And then, I STILL believe she has EVERY INTENTION to start spending that money AS SOON AS she steps down, even though it will be considered a violation for up to two years, according to the Act.

    Finally, let's put that "ethical Sarah" fantasy to bed right now. They (Palin, Van Flein, Cole, Stapleton) are claiming that of THEIR OWN ACCORD, they decided not to spend a dime of that money.

    Sec. 39.52.210. Declaration of potential violations by public employees.

    (a) A public employee who is involved in a matter that may result in a violation of AS
    39.52.110 - 39.52.190...
    This includes a public employee...a Governor...who has had a complaint filed against him/her.
    (1) refrain from taking any official action relating to the matter until a determination is
    made under this section
    SHE WAS TOLD NOT TO SPEND THAT MONEY or the consequences would be that she WOULD be found to have done wrongdoing if the complaint went against her. She probably was ALSO TOLD to stop collecting money...probably around the time that SOMEONE had C4P do the dirtywork for her!

    The reason I'm so sure of this is I have the emails between my investigator and Van Flein for my own (Arctic Cat) complaint, as well as the emails my investigator sent me. There is a constant dialogue that goes on, giving the Governor every opportunity to protect herself. I know this because of my experience with my investigator who, by the way, was Tom Daniel.

    It's the same reason that I believe that she knew what was coming. Her glaring self-interest made her resignation far from altruistic; she resigned because SHE WANTS THAT MONEY. She resigned because little Sarah doesn't feel she should HAVE to spend her hard-earned book deal cash for the hours and hours Van Flein spent being her spokesperson on Eddie Burke, MSNBC, and for the time he was doing work she could have done but didn't want to do.

    It's amazing! The more we see behind the curtain, the more we find that Sarah Palin isn't a mystery at all!
    Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis:: Palin, Van Flein and their unethical spin about ethics Part II--explaining the report

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    I think Palin's ethics complaints have ethics complaints.

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    Boots on the Ground at the Wasilla Governor’s Picnic

    25 07 2009 AKPetMom did some great “boots on the ground” video reporting from The Governor’s Picnic in Wasilla. What was on the menu?

    A whole lotta patriotic word salad with God bless America croutons! (That means anything but politics)
    I thank everyone for coming out today on this beautiful Alaskan day. Thank you for celebrating the military, celebrating Alaska with us and our fiftieth anniversary of the state. I appreciate you, so many of you have traveled from outside of Alaska. Raise your hand if you… Look at all these tourists! I just thank you so much for being here. And of course our good hardy Alaskans. I love you guys. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for that warm welcome and thanks for your many years of support for Alaska’s military families, particularly those here at home in the Mat-Su Valley.

    Now, I won’t take my time at the podium to talk politics today because we get to do something more worthy than speaking of politics. We’ll be honoring the families of those who have loved ones who have served or are serving today, and that’s what I’m going to talk about. And besides, sometimes politics, talking politics isn’t a whole lot of fun once in a while. In fact I had a reporter recently who said to me, she said, “Wow, you’ve had a rough day here or there. How do you handle the rough day?” and, and the way she was suggesting the questions, and what my answer should be was kind of pessimistic and you know, that that question about “how do you overcome the negativity or having a down day” and I said, “Oh no! It is not a down day. My son called this week from Iraq. He is safe. He is sound. It is always a good day when my son calls from Iraq.”

    And I wish that some of the media would keep things like that in perspective, what is really important in our country and what is important is our freedom, America’s security, our liberties, and it is you who are protecting our freedoms and God bless you and thank you.

    Now, one thing that Alaska is known for is our patriotic people who do support our military, and I think I have received no greater compliment than hearing from our troops who are stationed up here in Alaska saying they’re so thankful to be in communities throughout Alaska who truly love and appreciate our country and our United States military defending our country. No greater compliment have I received, so that goes back to the military. I thank them so much for all that they are doing and today as we get to present the blue stars to the families who are supporting their loved ones in the line of duty, we get to appreciate them too.

    It is those families that have to exchange though that blue star for the gold star. They are the families whom I do wish to honor. Just yesterday the Lt. Governor and I, we attended the memorial service for three very brave, very young Alaska based soldiers. Sean Parnell and I were at the chapel at Fort Rich and we heard for the last time in honoring these three soldiers that last roll call and that sounding of Taps. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in this service to our country, and let us do all that we can…let us do all in our power to show that support that we have for those families, and let’s… that ultimate sacrifice, their deaths, let them never be in vain. Let us continue to love our country, be proud of our country, never apologize for being American. I think that is how we can honor these families.

    Recently, too, I was in Kosovo visiting our Alaska National Guardsmen as they are on a peacekeeping tour over there, and I saw in Kosovo America’s bravest depending on the love and the support and the encouragement of their families and their friends at home. They need to know that we believe in them, and again as Burt said, the blue star banner, it symbolizes sacrifice and honors, honors the valiant efforts in supporting our military members overseas as they defend our freedom. Happy to get to participate in this today. My family and I, we join you in honoring the heroic effort of our service men and women, and Todd and I we do proudly display our blue star banner in our home and I wear my pin to show my support for not just my son, but for all who are serving today and have served this great country. I urge you to do the same. Continue to draw together to offer community support to our courageous military and their families.

    We’ll get right to other parts of this program, but again from the bottom of my heart and especially this being my last time to speak to the Valley community as your governor I do want to tell you sincerely that I love you, I appreciate you and your support, the support that you’ve shown my family. God bless you and God bless America.
    And you know what’s really incredible and amazing? You’ll notice she did that whole thing without a teleprompter! (gasp!) It just rolled off the top of her head, all spontaneous-like, perfectly formed… Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Barack Obama!

    God, I’ll be sad when she gets a speechwriter…

    And what could top this eloquent, melifluous moment in history?

    The Mudflats » Boots on the Ground at the Wasilla Governor’s Picnic

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    dead yet?
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Yesterday was the beginning of Palin's three day good-bye tour.

    Some in the audience were there to catch a glimpse of Palin in her role as a national celebrity more than to support her political views.

    Ozzy Cruz from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and a New York City resident who gave his name only as “Tom,” traded a camera back and forth, trying to snap photos of each other near Palin.

    The two men had traveled down for the day from Talkeetna after hearing about the picnic. Dodging a question about whether they agreed with Palin’s politics, the two men said they found her “fascinating.”

    Others, such as Wes Hamrick, relayed his admiration for the governor and his dreams for the future in song.

    “In 2012, I’ll give you a hint. Alaska’s pit bull will be our president,” he sang in a tune titled “North to the Future.”

    At the end of the song, the Big Lake resident shouted: “Sarah Palin for president!”

    A teenage boy replied as loudly, “Obama!”

    During the picnic, Palin said she was glad to be in front of her hometown as she kicked off a trio of picnics before she leaves office.

    “This is my last time to speak to the Valley community as your governor,” she said. “I appreciate the support you have shown me and my family. I love you, and God Bless America.”

    Another picnic will be held in Anchorage today and the third is scheduled for Sunday in Fairbanks, when Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell takes over as governor.
    It still cracks me up that there are those people who really believe that Sarah Palin has a snowball's chance in hell of earning the Republican nomination to run for President much less actually have a chance to win the general election. She has handed her potential opponents a warehouse full of ammunition to use against her, and only the most uneducated, mentally deranged Palin-bots could possibly hope that she was still viable.

    But if you were looking for the place to find just that kind of person, well then Wasilla is definitely the mother lode.

    Sadly I, and most of my fellow progressive blogger friends, could not attend. But have no fear, intrepid progressive blogger Phil Munger donned his bullet proof vest and waded into the sea of Palinista's on our behalf. And this is what he saw.

    And Mudflats had some "boots on the ground" there as well. (Great job AkPetMom!)

    Today starting at noon will be the "soon to be ex-"Governor's second leg of her good-bye "here have a hot dog" tour. Anchorage will undoubtedly have the toughest, least supportive crowd, of the three and I am sure that Sarah is already pacing her living room in anticipation of the negative signs she will be subjected to and the possibility of running into one of those dreaded progressive bloggers.

    And well she should because the rest of us will certainly not miss this opportunity to get our final look at the person who has dominated our blogs for the last ten months.

    I am bringing my daughter to help capture the festivities on film and may even bring my iconic sign for one last hurrah. I am looking forward to a celebratory, but respectful, crowd of people who are going to be a lot of fun to interview and interact with.

    If you are in Anchorage I hope you can come and help us to give our Governor the send of she deserves.

    Posted by Gryphen at 5:16 AM
    Palin's Wasilla picnic draws a crowd: Gov. Sarah Palin |

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Saradise Found - Chapter 17 - The Wasilla Governor's Picnic

    Serving lines at the picnic, held in the park complex in central Wasilla:

    Piper Palin serving, while her grandpa Special Agent Bob Cockrell stares at me:

    Piper, Sarah and Joe Schmidt serving:

    One of Palin's staff, eying me after somebody whispered in his ear:

    Ray Metcalfe explaining his anti-corruption petition to Alaska Revenue Commissioner Pat Galvin:

    The picnic, as seen from the Wasilla skateboard park. There were a lot of drunk ten to 14-year-old kids at the skateboard park and the BMX bike course:

    Posted by Philip Munger at 7:39 PM
    Progressive Alaska: Saradise Found - Chapter 17 - The Wasilla Governor's Picnic

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    An interesting analysis of Palin's legal defense fund, aka "Alaska Fund Trust," which differs from some other well-known legal defense funds.
    The Alaska Fund analysis from one of those dreaded East Coast lawyers!

    by: Celtic Diva

    Fri Jul 24, 2009 at 01:00:00 AM AKDT

    (I received this in my email today from an East Coast lawyer...we'll call her JHop. She and I have just started corresponding and when she told me she'd done an analysis of the Alaska Fund Trust document (the PDF "legal document" linked on their site...the same one that sent me through the roof because of its blatant violations of the Ethics Act), I was very pleased that she was willing to send it to me. JHop does an incredible job of keeping the legal jargon to a minimum (unlike the purposely-unintelligible-piece-of-crap she's analyzing) and I highly recommend that everyone read her very enlightening conclusions at the end. When I first read the AFT "legal document," I have believed from the very beginning that this "fund" has little to do with legal defense and everything to do with the Palins trying to use her position to increase their opinion. I believe this analysis comes to a similar conclusion.)

    I thought that I would take a closer look at Governor Palin's Alaska Fund Trust (hereinafter "AFT"). I am not writing to contest any specific finding in Mr. Daniel's report; for my purposes here, I accept them as valid. Instead, I want to highlight some of the issues that were not properly analyzed or, in some cases, mentioned at all in Mr. Daniel's report.

    The Law & Ethics
    : To understand any of this, we need to know at least some legal basics. Trusts have specific, quirky legal rules; each state is different. It is not my specialty and I do not purport to be an expert; but I have a general knowledge, and enough of it to have genuine concerns about the AFT.

    In brief, there are common requirements for a valid trust: 1) a settlor; 2) delivery of legal title; 3) property in the trust; 4) a trustee: who holds legal title for benefit of beneficiary; 5) at least one beneficiary; 6) intent: to create the trust for a lawful purpose; and 7) a lawful purpose: a trust cannot call for commission of crime, destruction of property, or a violation of public policy.

    The purpose of the trust is the sole reason for its existence and it must be followed closely.
    Once a trust's purpose is established, it cannot be changed or modified without dissolution or court intervention. As for the Executive Branch Ethics Act (hereinafter "EBEA"), there is only one vital provision for analyzing the AFT. Under AS § 39.52.120, a "public officer may not use, or attempt to use, an official position for personal gain, and may not intentionally secure or grant unwarranted benefits or treatment for any person." The EBEA also states that "a public officer may not . . . accept, receive, or solicit compensation for the performance of official duties or responsibilities from a person other than the state." AS § 39.52.120(b)(2).
    Issues & Concerns: The most fundamental flaw with Mr. Daniel's report is that it is not based on the trust instrument that created the AFT; it is based upon the website that describes the AFT. He quotes the website to state that the AFT:
    "is the official legal fund created to defend the integrity of the Alaska Governor's Office from an onslaught of political attacks launched against current Governor Sarah Palin, the First Family, and state-employed colleagues. These baseless accusations have cost Alaska more than $1 million in public monies to defend, and Governor Palin has incurred more than half a million dollars in personal debt defending her official actions as Governor."
    Mr. Daniel cites this as fact and continues to quote from the website throughout his report. The website, of course, was designed, written, and is maintained by Governor Palin and her staff. It is obviously based in self-interest, and in particular, to generate donations for the AFT. It is, by no means, a neutral source for legal analysis or for an unbiased conclusion of law.

    Ironically, the trust document is posted directly on the AFT's website; thus, there is no reason why Mr. Daniel's report is not based on the AFT's legal document. It should be noted that the original complaint does not cite directly from the trust document. Nevertheless, when considering the trust language itself, the allegations against Governor Palin are seen under a much different light - specifically, a darker, shadier, murkier light.
    The Trust Language & Details: Rather than analyzing the AFT on quotes written by Governor Palin's staff, the legal and ethical issues associated with it must be analyzed using the specific language that created the trust. Below, in italics, are several key portions of the AFT; my brief comments follow:
    "KRISTAN CHERYL COLE, as Settlor, and KRISTAN CHERYL COLE, as Trustee, establishes THE ALASKA FUND TRUST, a trust for the payment of expenses or amounts incurred, undertaken or paid in connection with claims, allegations, investigations, accusations, complaints, legal inquiries, requests, and proceedings, including the response and defense thereof, arising out of or by virtue of the activities of or performance of duties as, or on Governor Sarah Palin, in her capacity as (or as a result of her being) the Governor of Alaska."
    This introductory clause is the only language that mentions a legal defense fund or anything to do with legal proceedings at all. It ambiguously includes anything "arising out of or by virtue of the activities of or performance of duties" for Sarah Palin "as the Governor." It is an umbrella clause and catch-all. This, however, is not the purpose of the trust. It may be used to circumstantially demonstrate the intent of the trust. But it is not the official and stated purpose of the AFT.
    SARAH PALIN, who is the current Governor of the State of Alaska, has incurred and is responsible for various expenses in connection with or otherwise as a result of SARAH PALIN's service as Governor of the State of Alaska including without limitation, various investigations of her conduct as Governor of Alaska.
    Here, in the first section, there is no mention of a legal defense fund. It simply says the funds can be used for "various expenses" (anything that has monetary value) . . . "in connection with or otherwise" (having anything at all to do with being Governor) . . . "including without limitation, various investigations" (for an infinite list of expenses which happens to include investigations of any kind).
    It is the desire of the Settlor to provide the legal and proper means to accept transfers of money, property, and services (including pro bono legal services) for the purpose of defraying, paying, or satisfying the fees and costs that have been and will be incurred by SARAH PALIN and others (hereinafter "Covered Individuals") in connection with or otherwise as a result of SARAH PALIN's service as Governor of the State of Alaska, all in a manner consistent with and in compliance with the laws of the United States and the State of Alaska.
    Also in the first section, the ATF further omits any mention of a legal defense purpose, instead morphing into an overly ambiguous and seemingly unlawful instrument. Here, the language simply states that the trust will collect anything valuable, no matter what it is or its intended use, to pay all "fees and costs" by Palin for anything "in connection with or otherwise as a result" of her position as Governor. There is no purpose or clarifying clause to explain why money is being collected.
    Trust Purpose. The sole and exclusive purpose of this Trust is to provide a proper means for the acceptance of money, property, and services, including, if necessary, pro bono legal services, to provide for all reasonable, necessary, and appropriate fees or charges incurred by (i) SARAH PALIN as a result of the fact that she is Governor of the State of Alaska or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor of the State of Alaska; and (ii) Covered Individuals.* [...] In addition, the purpose of the Trust shall be to pay all reasonable, necessary, and appropriate expenses of Trustee's counsel and such other and usual, customary expenses and services that have been or may be incurred in connection with the above-stated purpose . . . Trust funds may be used for no purpose other than those specifically provided herein. *For purposes hereof, a "Covered Individual" shall be any other person determined by the Trustee, in the Trustee's sole and absolute discretion, to (i) hold a "covered staff' position within SARAH PALIN's administration and/or an employee in the office of the Governor of the State of Alaska; and (ii) hold a covered relationship with SARAH PALIN, including without limitation, a family member, such as a parent, spouse, child, grandchild, sibling and other close family relationship.
    This is the most important clause in the AFT document (or any trust document). It is the reason for the trust's existence and necessity. There is NOTHING in the official purpose of the AFT related to legal defense or legal proceedings or ethics complaints. In fact, the purpose of the trust is for any expense at all incurred by Sarah Palin "as a result of the fact that she is Governor . . . or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor." Those are the only limitations instilled by the purpose clause.

    So the purpose of the AFT is to collect money for...basically anything and everything, short of overt criminal activity. This includes legal expenses, of course, along with everything else under the sun. It also covers her family and staff, as well as "any other person determined by the Trustee."

    After close interpretation, there is nothing stated about the AFT that could infer its specific intent was a legal defense fund. It is disingenuous to imply otherwise - as the AFT's website does, and consequently, Mr. Daniel's report echoes.
    Rights of Withdrawal (a) Each of the beneficiaries of this trust, shall, in each calendar year, have an absolute and unrestricted power to withdraw from this Trust . . .
    Without even a hint of ambiguity, this clause gives Sarah Palin (and her family and staff) the "absolute and unrestricted" power to withdraw funds from the AFT. It spells out in simple, clear, and concise language that no limitations exist for Palin's ability to use the AFT however she pleases. It says nothing about an intent for legal defense or a purpose to be used to defend against ethics complaints.
    Qualification of the Trustee. The Trustee hereunder, or any successor trustee appointed in accordance with this instrument, if an individual, shall be at least 25 years of age. Such Trustee shall not be a member of the SARAH PALIN's immediate family, her counsel in any pending legal proceeding, or a member, partner, associate, or employee of the firm employing that counsel [...] In addition to said powers enumerated above, the Trustee shall, subject to applicable law, determine in her sole discretion what is income and what is principal, to allocate to income or principal or apportion between them any receipt, gain, loss, or expenditure as is deemed just and equitable in the circumstances of each case, as it arises. The exercise by the Trustee of any discretion granted hereunder in good faith shall be binding and conclusive on all persons.
    Who is Kristan Cole, does she have an association with any firm that has ever advised Palin? A trustee is entrusted with fiduciary duties to the trust, not an individual beneficiary. The trustee here is given the specific powers to determine what is income and principal, what is profit or loss, and what is "equitable in the circumstances of each case." She is given complete, full reign of all business decisions connected with the AFT - including disbursement of funds, investment of funds, and the revocation of the trust itself. She even determines who the beneficiaries are. It is unconscionable the amount of power she has considering her close relationship with the beneficiary and the personal benefits they both gain through their professional/personal relationship.
    Disclosure Provisions. The Trustee is authorized and directed to release information to SARAH PALIN and any other beneficiary hereunder and the public the name, amount and date of each donation every thirty days. The Trustee is authorized and directed to release the amounts and categories of expenditures for the benefit of any beneficiary hereunder and the public on a quarterly basis.
    A small silver lining to take away from this cloud of corruption. According to this provision, the Trustee is directed to make quarterly reports to the public about amounts and categories of expenditures. The trust was created April 22, 2009. Ironically, today, July 22, 2009, is the three-month or quarter-year mark. We can request a disclosure starting today.
    Trust Term and Disposition of Residual Funds. The term of the Trust shall be for an initial period of ten (l0) years and shall be irrevocable. In the event, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Trustee, the purposes for which the Trust is created are fulfilled or no longer exist prior to the expiration of ten (l0) years from the date of this instrument, the Trustee shall terminate the Trust . . . Upon the completion of the Trust, any funds, assets, or property of any kind, whether the same be principal or income, which may be remaining in the hands of the Trustee at the completion of the purposes of the Trust, shall be donated and distributed by the Trustee, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Trustee, to one or more organizations described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and made exempt from taxation under section 501 (a) thereof.
    This is why I think the trust is unlawful on its face and was going to be an eventual problem, even without Mr. Daniel's report. The AFT becomes revocable only when the "purposes for which the Trust is created" are either "fulfilled" or "no longer exist." If that happens, the trust must be revoked and its assets must be donated to 501(c)(3) charity organizations. The AFT's purpose, as ambiguous as it may be, is clear about one thing - the purpose was set up for Palin "as Governor." As soon as she resigns, the trust loses its purpose. Even if she drags her feet and says that the funds are being used for expenses "as a result of" her being Governor, that excuse will only last for so long. For example, even if she says that moving expenses and consulting lawyers about new ethics complaints and a hiring a masseuse to relieve her stress all resulted from her actions as Governor, eventually, at some point in the future when her excuses run out, the AFT will have to be dissolved and the funds donated. I originally thought that Cole could just set up a new trust; but according to the trust language, the funds would have to be given away to charity.

    Analysis & Thoughts
    : I have been primarily focused on the intent and purpose of the AFT. I think the AFT's purpose is unethical on its face. As Mr. Daniel asserted: "There is no doubt that the [AFT] will provide a "gift" to the governor because the trust will provide money that is a benefit to the governor's financial interests." Thus, based on the law and the trust itself (i.e. that it was set up for her "as Governor"), it seems clear that Governor Palin's actions violated the EBEA by receiving personal benefits, if not also violated state and federal law (for example: a misappropriation of funds, corruption or abuse of office, or tax fraud in relation to under-reported gifts). The potential criminal violations are not my purpose here; but I do not think the severity of wrongdoing should be completely ignored as it was in Mr. Daniel's "recommended actions." While Mr. Daniel found "probable cause" that Palin violated the EBEA, he somehow recommended no formal hearing on this matter. He just investigated what he found to be a clearly unethical trust; he also alleged that the under-reporting of gifts could be an issue. But then he recommends the dissolution of the AFT and that this should just be swept under the rug without further exploration. How curious. Mr. Daniel also states that he has "sympathy" for Governor Palin and her multitude of ethics complaints. His personal feelings have no place in an official investigation; they have little effect here anyway, considering the AFT was not created as a legal defense fund at all. It should be noted that if he doesn't recommend formal proceedings, the Personnel Board most likely will not recommend them to the Attorney General. So, unless the AG pursued it on his own, formal hearings would not happen here. This leaked report may change that. Nevertheless, Mr. Daniel's recommended action is a mere slap on the wrist, giving Governor Palin a way to avoid ever taking accountability other than dissolving the AFT. It is a legal whitewash, giving her a graceful exit, and ultimately determining that she is above the law - or at the least, should just not be formally investigated (or punished) in a manner consistent with it.

    I think the idea of dissolving the AFT and refusing its funds is a good enough reason for Sarah Palin to quit. Especially if she, as Governor, decided not to ever waive confidentiality, so no one would ever know what ethics decisions were pending or why she was really resigning. And she could just keep her slush fund. Oops.

    Bottom Line
    : Keep an eye on AFT. In my opinion, this is only the beginning --by JHop
    Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis:: The Alaska Fund analysis from one of those dreaded East Coast lawyers!
    $arah Palin's "legal expense" fund compared to real legal expense funds

    Celtic Diva posted an excellent analysis, by a qualified lawyer from the East Coast, of the wording used in the Alaska Fund Trust.

    Funnily enough, when I wrote "$arah Palin's legal fund: questions, questions...", I was puzzled by the same passages explored by the lawyer in Diva's article.

    I noticed that the purpose of the trust was for the payment of fees incurred as a result of $arah Palin being the governor of Alaska:

    OK, the sole purpose of the fund is to provide for the payment of fees incurred by the governor, her family and other covered individuals, blah blah.

    I omitted the word legal when referring to fees because I couldn't see the word in the text of the agreement. But the penny didn't drop until I read Diva's article.

    They used the expression "legal fees" on the website, but NOT in the actual agreement. Obviously the website is not legally binding, but the trust agreement IS.

    Read the purpose of the trust carefully:

    The sole and exclusive purpose of this Trust is to provide a proper means for the acceptance of money, property, and services, including, if necessary, pro bono legal services, to provide for all reasonable, necessary, and appropriate fees or charges incurred by (i) SARAH PALIN as a result of the fact that she is Governor of the State of Alaska or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor of the State of Alaska; and (ii) Covered Individuals, that may be selected or designated by the Trustee as provided herein, as a result of or arising out of their association or relationship with or employment by SARAH PALIN, in her capacity as Governor of the State of Alaska.

    The main purpose is to provide a proper means for the acceptance of money, property, and services, including, if necessary, pro bono legal services (the the word legal appears here, but it's incidental), followed by: to provide for all reasonable, necessary, and appropriate fees or charges incurred by (i) SARAH PALIN as a result of the fact that she is Governor of the State of Alaska or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor of the State of Alaska (no mention of legal fees), finally extending the benefit of all that lovely money to family and friends selected or designated by the trustee.

    It continues in a rambling fashion and does mention legal representation, but only to specify their right to appoint attorneys, negotiate fees etc, for the above purpose, which they were careful to state as fees and charges incurred because $arah is the governor, not that the trust fund exists solely to pay legal expenses. The legal expenses are mentioned in an incidental manner...

    In a nutshell: the purpose of the fund is to raise money for $arah Palin, her family and selected friends because she's the governor of Alaska. No strings attached.

    We know very well that $arah doesn't like no pesky strings, no siree!

    I had a closer look at the other trust agreements offered as examples on the AFT website.

    ALL the trusts contain the expression legal expense in their title. $arah's is simply called The Alaska Fund Trust.

    The purpose in all the other trusts is clearly specified: to pay legal expenses. In the cases of Stevens and Kerry, the purpose relates to specific proceedings, and in Kerry's case, a specific lawsuit: the Sherwood suit.

    None of the other trusts has the Rights of Withdrawal bit:

    Each of the beneficiaries of this trust, shall, in each calendar year, have an absolute and unrestricted power to withdraw from this Trust up to the lesser of the total additions made to this Trust during each calendar year or an amount in cash or other property equal the lesser of the total additions made to this Trust during each calendar year, divided equally among such beneficiaries, or an amount in cash or other property equal to the maximum amount which qualifies for the Federal Gift Tax exclusion (...) and shall be exercisable only by written notice to Trustee of the amount Donee wishes to withdraw, but no purpose for said withdrawal need be shown.

    The most transparent and restrictive trust in the history of trusts has no clear purpose other than raise money, property, services, you name it, for $arah Palin, family and friends because she's the governor of Alaska, the name of the Trust doesn't reflect anything to do with legal expenses and provides a lovely way for each of the beneficiaries to access tax free money each year, no questions asked.

    They did restrict the donations to a maximum of $150 per donor per year, which is, by sheer coincidence, the maximum value of any gifts before they need to be disclosed to APOC.

    Most of the wording of $arah's trust was copied and pasted from some of the other examples, omitting some crucial words and introducing the get money for nothing described above.

    I also noticed that $arah's and Clinton's trusts are the only ones that make provision for moving the trust to another jurisdiction. In $arah's case at the discretion of the trustee without notice to the beneficiaries...

    The AFT website gives the fund the appearance of being transparent and restrictive, but the text of the actual agreement seems to tell a very different story.

    It looks very neat , eh? I pity the poor suckers who sent money to this "legal expense" fund. I hope the handwritten thank you note "signed" by the governor is enough to keep each of them on cloud 9...
    palingates: $arah Palin's "legal expense" fund compared to real legal expense funds

    Could Sarah Palin be looking at jail time in the future for how her "legal fund" is set up? There is a case to be made for it:
    Looking at $arah Palin's legal fund from a criminal law perspective

    I received a very interesting e-mail regarding the Alaska Fund Trust website, the AFT agreement and how the two together may have implications in Alaska criminal law.

    The AFT website, which exists to solicit donations to the fund, states in the FAQs page:
    9. Can the funds be used for personal purposes?

    No. Donations can only be used for legal expenses incurred by counsel on behalf of the Governor, her family, and staff as approved by the Trustee.

    13. Why is this fund being created?

    The Trust Fund is being created to assist the Governor, her family, and staff in paying legal expenses and costs incurred from previous investigations as well as future complaints filed. Her staff is similarly being targeted by these complaints and has also incurred and is incurring significant costs.
    As we have previously seen, the agreement fails to state that the purpose of the trust fund is to pay legal expenses, saying instead that its exclusive purpose is to provide a proper means for the acceptance of money, property, and services, including, if necessary, pro bono legal services, to provide for all reasonable, necessary, and appropriate fees or charges incurred by (i) SARAH PALIN as a result of the fact that she is Governor of the State of Alaska or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor of the State of Alaska; and (ii) Covered Individuals, that may be selected or designated by the Trustee as provided herein, as a result of or arising out of their association or relationship with or employment by SARAH PALIN, in her capacity as Governor of the State of Alaska.

    Further, it includes a clause regarding rights of withdrawal up to the maximum yearly amount to fall within the Federal Gift Tax exclusion. It applies to each beneficiary and shall be exercisable only by written notice to Trustee of the amount Donee wishes to withdraw, but no purpose for said withdrawal need be shown.

    I'm sorry if I keep quoting the text of the agreement in so many posts, but bear with me, here comes the juicy bit:

    Alaska Statutes 11.46.100 defines an assortment of theft crimes, including alternative means of committing theft which include a person who: "(1) with intent to deprive another of property or to appropriate property of another to oneself or a third person, . . .obtains the property of another; (2) the person commits theft of lost or mislaid property under AS 11.46.160; (3) the person commits theft by deception under AS 11.46.180; (4) the person commits theft by receiving under AS 11.46.190; (5) the person commits theft of services under AS 11.46.200; [or] (6) the person commits theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received or held under AS 11.46.210."

    In turn, for example, theft by deception (false pretenses) is defined in Alaska Statutes 11.46.180: "(a) A person commits theft by deception if, with intent to deprive another of property or to appropriate property of another to oneself or a third person, the person obtains the property of another by deception."

    "Deception," in turn, is defined in Alaska Statutes 11.81.900(18); while it "does not include falsity as to matters having no pecuniary significance," is fairly broadly defined to include: "knowingly (A) creat[ing] or confirm[ing] another's false impression that the defendant does not believe to be true, including false impressions as to law or value and false impressions as to intention or other state of mind; (B) fail[ing] to correct another's false impression that the defendant previously has created or confirmed; (C) prevent[ing] another from acquiring information pertinent to the disposition of the property or service involved; (D) sell[ing] or otherwise transfer[ring] or encumber[ing] property and fail[ing] to disclose a lien, adverse claim, or other legal impediment to the enjoyment of the property, whether or not that impediment is a matter of official record; or (E) promis[ing] performance that the defendant does not intend to perform or knows will not be performed."

    Summing up: the website soliciting donations states that the money raised will be used only to pay certain legal expenses. The agreement says no such thing. The website states the money cannot be used for personal purposes. The agreement contains a clause that says otherwise.

    Perhaps it would help clarify things if an Alaskan citizen or person from elsewhere who contributed to this fund would challenge the whole arrangement in a court of law--or if an impartial Alaskan prosecutor would investigate the matter under state criminal law.

    An important point: the State of Alaska is obliged to prosecute any appropriate criminal action. The victims and witnesses in a criminal action should bear no costs whatsoever. Prosecuting authorities bring those cases not on "behalf of" a given victim but on behalf of all the people of the State of Alaska, against whom criminal activities are considered a transgression. A larceny is not viewed so much as an offense against the individual as against the community.

    There's more.

    A little more food for thought regarding official pronouncements from a certain governor's associates concerning the purposes of this "trust fund": it appears that where a "trust fund" has been set up expressly to counteract citizen requests for clarification of state ethics laws (including at least some number of them under pending investigation at the time) and to deter additional lawful citizen filings essentially by pre-judging every one of them as "frivolous" and unworthy of the Board's attention, attention should be paid under both federal civil rights laws and state law.

    Where representatives of the subject of any such request for clarification expressly invites a "backlash" against citizens who exercise their rights to file such requests for clarification, it seems that there should be some consideration of whether other Alaska laws apply.

    Under Alaska Statutes 11.56.510, interference with official proceedings is a class B felony:

    "(a) A person commits the crime of interference with official proceedings if the person

    (1) uses force on anyone, damages the property of anyone, or threatens anyone with intent to
    (A) improperly influence a witness or otherwise influence the testimony of a witness;
    (B) influence a juror's vote, opinion, decision, or other action as a juror;
    (C) retaliate against a witness or juror because of participation by the witness or juror in an official proceeding; or (D) otherwise affect the outcome of an official proceeding; or

    (2) confers, offers to confer, or agrees to confer a benefit
    (A) upon a witness with intent to improperly influence that witness; or
    (B) upon a juror with intent to influence the juror's vote, opinion, decision, or other action as a juror or otherwise affect the outcome of an official proceeding."

    I have emphasized the relevant bits of the statutes that apply in this case and it appears the website presents the purpose of the trust fund as one thing while the trust fund agreement presents a very different one, thus at least arguably leading people to part with money, services or property under false pretenses.

    The purpose of the fund, as stated on the website, together with several press releases from the governor's office, her twits, etc, may infringe the civil rights of the citizens of Alaska both under state law and federal law.

    This post was possible thanks to invaluable input from a criminal prosecutor. Thanks SG, we owe you!
    palingates: Looking at $arah Palin's legal fund from a criminal law perspective

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    Why don't these bloggers do something besides write about it? Like discuss this with the A.G.? Looks like a clear intent to defraud/false pretenses to me. Palin and her representatives have verbally and in writing misrepresented the intent of the fund.

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    I believe an Alaska resident would have to file the complaint with the Alaska AG. I'm not sure which of these bloggers is an Alaskan resident other than Celtic Diva. CD filed an ethics complaint earlier this year. Perhaps she will file a complaint regarding this later if no one else will.

    From the Saturday picnic in Anchorage:
    So Long, Sarah! Anchorage Bids Farewell to the Governor.

    26 07 2009
    Well, today was the second-to-last stop on the Quitter Tour. It was Abdication Eve here in Alaska. Today at 2pm Alaska time, the governor will officially hand over the state, and all it’s unresolved problems to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell. He’s known to us here as Caribou Ken, The Empty Suit, Sean Who? and Captain Zero. What is he going to be like? We’ll find out.

    I arrived at the Governor’s Picnic in what I thought would be plenty of time. Boy was I wrong. All available parking spaces were taken for what felt like miles around. I found a lucky empty spot about a half a mile from the festivities, and did a half-walk half-run all the way there. I got to the stage area only about 10 minutes before the governor arrived.

    As I found a spot with a good view of the stage, I was very fortunate to hear Hobo Jim, a true Alaskan legend.

    Then Palin took the stage. I braced myself for the word salad… for some kind of closure, or a 10 minute talk about the miliatary, or Alaskans, or our freedoms, or Sean Parnell… But all there was was a strange kind of “all that stands between you and food is us talking, so we’ll be brief.” And she was. Very.

    After the non-speech, Palin was hustled over to the food service area surrounded by a phalanx of security. A friend of mine was working security at the event, and I figured I’d have no problem meeting up with him, but it was so packed, I never even saw him.

    As soon as Palin left the stage area, the crowd and the media disbursed, leaving soon-to-be-governor Sean Parnell and whoever spoke after him, addressing a crowd of the back of people’s heads as they charged over to get food from Palin.

    I managed to worm my way through the crowd and get close, sandwiched between ABC News and Dennis Zaki, but security was way too hopped up to allow a good vantage point. I was glad I had my big lens. “People need to get to the condiments!” they barked as tourists with cameras pressed up against the orange tape. “The food line must go through!”

    I watched as people came up to the front of the area, and people snapped pictures. Some of them were actually mopping their eyes as they walked away, overcome with emotion and looking at the tiny screens on their cameras to make sure they had gotten a good shot. “Nobody at home is going to believe this!” an elderly man gushed. A woman to my left proudly showed off three 8×10 glossy photos of the governor’s official portrait, autographed in metallic gold Sharpie. She explained in a thick southern accent, “I’m makin’ scrapbooks for the grand kids,….so they’ll remember.” Reverent emphasis was placed on that last word, like remembering the Moon landing. “We’ll remember, but they won’tremember. This’ll help ‘em.” For a second, I felt like saying, “A lot of us would really rather forget!” and I went to elbow Dennis Zaki who had been standing to my right, but he’d vanished to another vantage point. Fortunately nobody had taken his spot or I would have elbowed some enamored tourist in the ribs while they were trying to capture an iconic photograph. To remember.

    I found another spot right near some official professional photographers and got to hang out there for a while until security came back. “OK, that’sit! EVERYONE OUT! This is not a “media area” this is a food line!” Of course nobody was obstructing anyone’s access to the aluminum containers of white lettuce, and sliced onions, but those security folks slept last night, knowing that nothing even came close to coming between those crazed Sarah Palin fans and their burger toppings.

    She wasn’t the only one on the food line. Commissioner Joe Schmidt was there too; Palin’s High School buddy, and head of the Dept. of Corrections. He has a strange vibe.

    He’s the one that we thought was #3 in line for the governorship, who would step up and fill the Lt. Governor’s slot when Parnell becomes governor. But apparently there’s some kind of back story there that nobody knows about because Palin announced to us all that the Lt. Governor would instead be Craig Campbell, thus causing a constitutional crisis due to his lack of confirmation by the legislature… But this is a picnic, so we’ll try to keep politics out of it.

    And, of course, there was our governor-in-waiting, looking pretty darn pleased about the whole thing. He and his wife were quite on Cloud 9.

    Finally I’d gotten my fill of Sarah handing out burgers. This was right around the same time as the second wave of condiment police hit the scene. “Clear the area!”

    I remembered, looking at her, how charming she can be on a superficial level. I don’t know whether anyone on the line told her to give the defense fund money back, or asked her about Western Alaska, or Medicare, or wildlife management, or Troopergate. She just kept saying, “Ohhhh! Thank you for comeen!” And the wide-eyed tourist would walk zombie-like, down the condiment line. Alaskans are definitely more down-to-Earth about the whole thing. Even the ones that really like her don’t have that feeling of “rock star” that everyone else does.

    While out of state fans were all swoony, coveting pictures and trying just to get a glimpse of her, the Alaskan fans wee more of a … homegrown variety.

    They got talked to by the press, a lot.

    As I backed, away, I realized how long the line had gotten. I remembered Palin’s mini-speech and thought “The only thing standing between people and their food is a thousand other people!” The numbers willing to wait in line for free food from Sarah Palin made a line that stretched two full city blocks long. Yes, I was hungry. No, there was no way…

    The other odd presence at the picnic was a very “out there” second amendment crowd. Nothing says fun family picnic more than a bunch of people sporting firearms, and all wearing the same shirt covered wtih … firearms.

    Add to the mix all the security people of various stripes, a bunch of military stuff, and the FBI booth, and the event had a weird feeling.

    ~~photo from Mudflatter SB

    I ran into Shannyn Moore and we speculated what this guy must be texting. “I….am……….media… Get… me… out of here!!”

    And just to add to the mood, Mrs. Alaska was there, teetering on high heels in the grass, with a young future pageant girl in training.

    I was stricken at one point by a bad case of lens-envy…

    There was definitely not much of a “counter presence” this time. I ran in to a few people who said they had left their signs in the car. The mood was strange and there were so many people, the usual plan of “I’ll see you there” didn’t happen. But there were a few souls who did sport signs. One said “Palin’ Failin’!” over by the food line, but it had disappeared by the time I got there. And Mudflatter SH sported this snazzy backpack!

    I did stand in line for about 3 minutes to get my free Sarah Palin bookmarks, official state portrait, and a poster with a collage of Sarah Palin images on it. While I was waiting on line, I snapped this picture of the crowd.

    The people in front of me said, “We saw Sarah in Florida, and we came up here all the way just for this!” I really wanted them to be kidding. I finally got my goods from another young pageant participant I’d seen hanging around at other Republican events. I had fun the rest of the day tracking down progressive bloggers, and unrolling the picture of Palin in front of their face and making a horror movie scream.

    Further down the way, a smaller but more important crowd was gathering at a rally to support health care reform. As I walked past the hundreds and hundreds of people still on line after the governor left, I thought how strange that was. People were willing to do so much, just to get a hamburger on a Wonder bread roll from Sarah Palin. How many of them were going to take 3 minutes to email, or call their Senators or Congresspeople about the most important issue of our day?
    The Mudflats » So Long, Sarah! Anchorage Bids Farewell to the Governor.

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    In WhoreLand fucking your MOM


    Her next job. Perfect.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    The future Governor of Alaska.

    That sign sums it up.

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    The Quitstock speech
    What an absolutely beautiful day it is, and it is my honor to speak to all Alaskans, to our Alaskan family this last time as your governor. And it is always great to be in Fairbanks. The rugged rugged hardy people that live up here and some of the most patriotic people whom you will ever know live here, and one thing that you are known for is your steadfast support of our military community up here and I thank you for that and thank you United States military for protecting the greatest nation on Earth. Together we stand.

    And getting up here I say it is the best road trip in America soaring through nature’s finest show. Denali, the great one, soaring under the midnight sun. And then the extremes. In the winter time it’s the frozen road that is competing with the view of ice fogged frigid beauty, the cold though, doesn’t it split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs? And then in the summertime such extreme summertime about a hundred and fifty degrees hotter than just some months ago, than just some months from now, with fireweed blooming along the frost heaves and merciless rivers that are rushing and carving and reminding us that here, Mother Nature wins. It is as throughout all Alaska that big wild good life teeming along the road that is north to the future. That is what we get to see every day. Now what the rest of America gets to see along with us is in this last frontier there is hope and opportunity and there is country pride.

    And it is our men and women in uniform securing it, and we are facing tough challenges in America with some seeming to just be Hell bent maybe on tearing down our nation, perpetuating some pessimism, and suggesting American apologetics, suggesting perhaps that our best days were yesterdays. But as other people have asked, “How can that pessimism be, when proof of our greatness, our pride today is that we produce the great proud volunteers who sacrifice everything for country?” Now this week alone, Sean Parnell and I we’re on the, um, on Ft. Rich the base there, the army chapel, and we heard the last roll call, and the sounding of Taps for three very brave, very young Alaskan soldiers who just gave their all for all of us. Together we do stand with gratitude for our troops who protect all of our cherished freedoms, including our freedom of speech which, par for the course, I’m going to exercise.

    And first, some straight talk for some, just some in the media because another right protected for all of us is freedom of the press, and you all have such important jobs reporting facts and informing the electorate, and exerting power to influence. You represent what could and should be a respected honest profession that could and should be the cornerstone of our democracy. Democracy depends on you, and that is why, that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So, how ’bout in honor of the American soldier, ya quite makin’ things up. And don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people, and one other thing for the media, our new governor has a very nice family too, so leave his kids alone.

    OK, today is a beautiful day and today as we swear in Sean Parnell, no one will be happier than I to witness by God’s grace Alaskans with strength of character advancing our beloved state. Sean has that. Craig Campbell has that. I remember on that December day, we took the oath to uphold our state constitution, and it was written right here in Fairbanks by very wise pioneers. We shared the vision for government that they ground in that document. Our founders wrote “all political power is inherent in the people. All government originates with the people. It’s founded upon their will only and it’s instituted for the good of the people as a whole.” Their remarkably succinct words guided us in all of our efforts in serving you and putting you first, and we have done our best to fulfill promises that I made on Alaska Day, 2005, when I first asked for the honor of serving you.

    Remember then, our state so desired and so deserved ethics reform. We promised it, and now it is the law. Ironically, it needs additional reform to stop blatant abuse from partisan operatives, and I hope the lawmakers will continue that reform. We promised that you would finally see a fair return on your Alaskan owned natural resources so we build a new oil and gas appraisal system, an is an equitable formula to usher in a new era of competition and transparency and protection for Alaskans and the producers. ACES incentivizes new exploration and it’s the exploration that is our future. It opens up oil basins and it ensures that the people will never be taken advantage of again. Don’t forget Alaskans you are the resource owners per our constitution and that’s why for instance last year when oil prices soared and state coffers swelled, but you were smacked with high energy prices, we sent you the energy rebate. See, it’s your money and I’ve always believed that you know how to better spend it than government can spend it.

    I promised that we would protect this beautiful environment while safely and ethically developing resources, and we did. We built the Petroleum Oversight Office and a sub-cabinet to study climate conditions. And I promised I’d govern with fiscal restraint, so to not immorally burden futre generations. And we did…we slowed the rate of government growth and I vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars of excess and wtih lawmakers we saved billions for the future.

    I promsed that we’d lead the charge to forward funding education, and hold schools accountable, and improve opportunities for special needs students and elevate vo-tech training and we paid down pension debt.

    I promised that we would manage our fish and wildlife for abundance, and that we would defend the constitution, and we have, though outside special interest groups they still just don’t get it on this one. Let me tell you, Alaskans really need to stick together on this with new leadership in this area especially, encouraging new leadership… got to stiffen your spine to do what’s right for Alaska when the pressure mounts, because you’re going to see anti-hunting, anti-second amendment circuses from Hollywood and here’s how they do it. They use these delicate, tiny, very talented celebrity starlets, they use Alaska as a fundraising tool for their anti-second amendment causes. Stand strong, and remind them patriots will protect our guaranteed, individual right to bear arms, and by the way, Hollywood needs to know, we eat, therefore we hunt.

    I promised energy solutions and we have, we have a plan calling for 50% of our electricity generated by renewable resources and we can now insist that those who hold the leases to develop our resources that they do so now on Alaska’s terms. So now finally after decades of just talk, finally we’re seeing oil and gas drilling up there at Point Thompson. And I promised that we would get a natural gas pipeline underway and we did. Since I was a little kid growing up here, I remember the discussions, especially the political discussions just talking about and hoping for and dreaming of commercializing our clean, abundant, needed natural gas.

    Our gas line inducement act, AGIA, that was the game-changer and this is thanks to our outstanding gas line team, and the legislature adopting this law, 58-1. They knew, they know AGIA is the vehicle to drive this monumental energy project and bring everyone to the table, this bipartisan victory, it came from Alaskans working together with free market private sector principles, and now we are on the road to the largest private-sector energy project in the history of America. It is for Alaska’s future, it is for America’s energy independence and it will make us a more peaceful, prosperous and secure nation.

    What I promised, we accomplished. “We” meaning state staff, amazing commissioners, great staff assisting them, and conscientious Alaskans outside the bureaucracy - Tom Van Flein, and Meg Stapleton and Kristan Cole, so many others, many volunteers who just stepped up to the challenge as good Alaskans, but nothing, nothing could have succeeded without my right-hand man Kris Perry. She is the sharpest, boldest, hardest-working partner. Kris is my right-hand man and much success is due to Kris.

    So much success, and Alaska there is much good in store further down the road, but to reach it we must value and live the optimistic pioneering spirit that made this state proud and free, and we can resist enslavement to big central government that crushes hope and opportunity. Be wary of accepting government largess. It doesn’t come free and often, accepting it takes away everything that is free, melting into Washington’s powerful “care-taking” arms will just suck incentive to work hard and chart our own course right out of us, and that not only contributes to an unstable economy and dizzying national debt, but it does make us less free.

    I resisted the stimulus package. I resisted the stimulus package and we have championed earmark reform, slashing earmark requests by 85% to break the cycle of dependency on a stifling, unsustainable federal agenda, and other states should follow this for their and for America’s stability. We don’t have to feel that we must beg an allowance from Washington, except to beg the allowance to be self-determined. See, to be self-sufficient, Alaska must be allowed to develop - to drill and build and climb, to fulfill statehood’s promise. At statehood we knew this. At statehood we knew this, that we are responsible for ourselves and our families and our future, and fifty years later, please let’s not start believing that government is the answer. It can’t make you happy or healthy or wealthy or wise. What can? It is the wisdom of the people and our families and our small businesses, and industrious individuals, and it is God’s grace, helping those who help themselves, and then this allows that very generous voluntary hand up that we’re known for, enthusiastically providing those who need it.

    Alaskans will remember that years ago, remember we sported the old bumper sticker that said, “Alaska. We Don’t Give a Darn How They Do It Outside?” Do you remember that? I remember that, and remember it was because we would be different. We’d roll up our sleeves, and we would diligently sow and reap, and we can still do this to carve wealth out of the wilderness and make our living on the water, with strong hands and innovative minds, now with smarter technology. It is what our first people and our parents did. It worked, because they worked. We must be prudent and persistent and press for the people’s right to responsibly develop God-given resources for the maximum benefit of the people.

    And we have come so far in just 50 years. We’re no longer a frontier outpost on the periphery of the world’s greatest nation. Now, as a contributor and a securer of America, we can attain our destiny in the promise of our motto “North to the Future.” See, the pressing issue of our time, it’s energy independence, because there is an inherent link between energy and security, and energy and prosperity. Alaska will lead with energy, we will prove you can be both pro-development and pro-environment, because no one loves their clean air and their land and their wildlife and their water more than an Alaskan. We will protect it.

    Yes, America must look north to the future for security, for energy independence, for our strategic location on the globe. Alaska is the gate-keeper of the continent.

    So, we are here today at a changing of the guard. Now, people who know me, and they know how much I love this state, some still are choosing not to hear why I made the decision to chart a new course to advance the state. And it should be so obvious to you. (indicating heckler) It is because I love Alaska this much, sir (at heckler) that I feel it is my duty to avoid the unproductive, typical, politics as usual, lame duck session in one’s last year in office. How does that benefit you? No, with this decision now, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, for truth. And I have never felt like you need a title to do that.

    So, as we all move forward together, let’s vow to keep championing Alaska, to advocate responsible development, and smaller government, and freedom, and when I took the oath to serve you, I promised…remember I promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state like that grizzly guards her cubs, as a mother naturally guards her own. And I will keep that vow wherever the road may lead. Todd and I, and Track, Bristol, Tripp, Willow, Piper, Trig…I think I got ‘em all. We will forever be so grateful for the honor of our lifetime to have served you. Our whole big diverse full and fun family, we all thank you and I am very very blessed to have had their support all along, for Todd’s support. I am thankful too. I have been blessed to have been raised in this last frontier. Thank you for our home, Mom and Dad, because in Alaska it is not an easy living, but it is a good living, and here it is impossible to lose your way. Wherever the road may lead you, we have that steadying great north star to guide us home.

    So let’s all enjoy the ride, and I thank you Alaska, and God bless Alaska and God bless America.

    [Cross-posted at The Huffington Post]
    The Mudflats » Palin’s Farewell Address - Full Transcript

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    I had to stop after the 2d paragraph - my eyeballs started spinning in my head. Maybe I'll have to digest one paragraph at a time. But is it worth it?
    If i hear one more personal attack, i will type while drunk, then you can cry! - Bugdoll
    (716): I'd call her a cunt, but she doesn't seem to have the depth or warmth
    Quote Originally Posted by shedevilang View Post
    (Replying to MontanaMama) This is some of the smartest shit I ever read

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    I like how Palin lectures the media on 'making things up' when her entire resignation is based on bullshit reasons that have already been disproved. Throwing the troops in was a nice touch, too.

    remember I promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state like that grizzly guards her cubs, as a mother naturally guards her own.
    Yeah, she guards the interests of the state by quitting...I mean 'fighting' in the middle of her term.

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    I feel it is my duty to avoid the unproductive, typical, politics as usual, lame duck session in one’s last year in office.
    Or first term, whatever...she speaks as if she's been Governor for several terms.

    And besides that, unproductivity is not "typical" or "politics as usual". She acts like it's expected that a politician just fart around doing nothing their last year.

    How is it that no one but bloggers is calling her out on this complete bullshit?

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