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Thread: Sarah Palin: My wedding hope for Bristol and other crap

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    I'm a voracious reader, always have been. I appreciate a lot of information

    So do we. So why are you hiding so much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belindagogo View Post
    Do you think you're intellectual?
    SP: Yessss. And you have to be up on not only current events, but you have to understand the foundation of the issues that you're working on as a governor. I had to do the same thing as a mayor. So it is not just current events but it's much more in-depth than that to understand how, in the case of me being governor, how did our state get to the position that we are in order for a decision to have to be made. You can't just go on what is presented you. You have to know the background, you have to know the players involved before you make a policy call. So, um, it's uh, it's a good job, it's a tough job and it's a very, very serious job. And no. You don't get to be a governor by being
    TP: going with the wind.
    SP: Yeah definitely. You don't just go with the flow and take a political pulse on policy. You have to go with what the foundational knowledge is that you have on issues in front of you and you have to put the people you are serving, put them first. You put them before partisanship you put them before special interests. That's how you make decisions as governor.

    Proven once again by your clear and concise answer.
    This is almost as insulting as Jessica Simpson's parents trying to pass her off as having a genius IQ.

    I bet you she could name her favorite food or favorite color right off the bat. But ask her what periodicals she reads and she draws a blank? If you're such a voracious reader, it would come easily to your lips.

    And citing any "foundational knowledge" you have of anything, when you can't even correctly identify the responsibilities you would face as VP, is laughable. And sad.
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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    [/quote]Alicia also wondered if you had any more unique names up your sleeve.
    SP: We did. We never got to get our Zamboni in. I always wanted a son named Zamboni.
    TP: I don't think that would have flied.

    Have you prepared Bristol for the sleeplessness?
    SP: She has helped with Trig for these months and she helped with [7-year-old sister] Piper all those years. She's also been a very good babysitter for nieces and nephews and cousins. She knows what it's all about. Yeah. [/quote]

    Okay, 2 things annoyed me here (well, there were many more than 2 but...)

    1) WTF, is she serious? this suppose to be a joke?

    2) I HATE, absolutely HATE how she always says, "these months". Learn to speak with proper grammar, you could possible be VP of the US. (crossing my fingers that never happens).

    Ugg...I loathe this woman. She seems like such an idiot who got by up in Alaska by being a good looking 40 something woman. She certainly can try to pull out the cute factor and I think that's what helped her in Alaska. But to see her doing that on national TV now just makes me sick. I think it's insulting to all the other women who have tried so hard to be professional and have earned their positions by working hard.

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    I believe a Zamboni is something they use to re-ice ice rinks. I think it was named after the man who created them.

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    ^^That is correct. But who wants one? Don't they know how difficult it is to get a parking space for one of those?
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
    --Sinclair Lewis

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    "You don't just go with the flow and take a political pulse on policy."

    No Sarah, most people don't but you certainly do. In fact, proof of this is the fact that it's one of the few things you can articulate correctly.

    I forgot about the Bristol part, to me it's so weird she's saying she's for birth control in consensual sex but in cases of rape and incest she'd be against the morning after pill. This woman's head is like a horse race where the gate opens and all the horses race out at once and the one that gets to the finish line first is the one that wins, there's your quote. The horses all have blinders on and they never see each other, they don't relate or interact. It's the damdedest thing, her brain has survived on a steady diet of complete bullshit for 44 years. It's like cerebral anorexia or something.

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