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Thread: Sarah Palin MAY release medical records

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    ^^It's a little different when it comes to those running for the highest office in the land, if not the world. As someone stated, it started in earnest with Reagan due to questions about his health and age (valid questions, I might add, since he was suffering from Alzhiemers in his second term). We need to know if someone is in rude enough health to carry out their duties for the term their elected to and there definitely are questions about McCain in this area. So I don't think that this can compare with your average everyday Joe six pack maverick walking the streets.

    As far as mocking Palin? Well, she's spent much of the past two months mocking anyone in America who doesn't agree with her so I say she's fair game.
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    I think if you're running for President or Vice-President then people have a right to know about your medical history. There may be some pre-existing medical conditions there that could come into play if you're elected that could have an impact on your ability to govern. If you want to keep that info hidden then don't run for the White House.

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    In almost any other situation I would be adamantly against anyone being asked to open their medical records.

    Not here.

    If someone wants to be put in one of, if not the, most powerful positions in the world, we need to know if there are any conditions which could inhibit job performance. From mental issues to physical ailments, such as cancer, this is knowledge the citizens of this country have every right to know.

    I would like to see a system implemented in which a board of physicians, who sign a ironclad contract to follow a meticulous protocol and adhere to stringent rules, examine the medical histories and solely look for any conditions which could pose problems in the job. Erectile dysfunction, cramps, STD's which are non-fatal, etc., could be put aside and kept confidential.

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    What exactly should be released?

    Who decides? The Public? Congress? The Surgeon General? The Media?

    Obama released a one-page,undated letter from his personal physician in May stating that he was in “excellent” health. Late last week, his campaign released the results of standard laboratory tests and electrocardiograms from his checkups in June 2001, November 2004 and January 2007.

    If this is acceptable for one than it's acceptable for all. The others should all be held to the same standard.

    If Palin released that same info, it would not say if she had a child in the past two years, or if she'd ever had an abortion. It would not include McCain's cancer info, or his psych records. It would not have info on Biden's aneurysm. So the answers that people claim they could glean from having medical records released wouldn't be there anyway.

    The only way it would actually work for why people claim they need to see it is that each candidate make every single thing in their entire life medical history open to scrutiny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    Well, in all fairness, are we going to start requiring all nominees to disclose their medical histories? I'm sorry but that is just bullshit. No matter what someone's politics are their medical records are protected information. What goes in and out of her crotch is no more my business than what goes in and out of yours (not you specifically, lol).

    But seriously, it is obscene to me that people here are condoning this and joking about finding out if she has genital warts or an abortion in her past or whatever. I guarantee everyone here would be indignant if this had been asked of Obama or Biden or even Clionton (him or her). Every person is entitled to a private sexual history whether we like them or not. People seem to think that principles should be thrown out the window when the subject is someone they detest and that bothers me a lot.
    i would normally agree. but the fact that a huge part of the palin bitch's platform and the values she stands for would make it possible for the government to interfere with what goes in (or out) of any woman in america's crotch, i have a hard time caring if her right to privacy about her reproductive health is not respected.
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