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Thread: Sarah Palin criticizes Barack Obama again in solo appearance

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    She's still doing her homework that's why she can't be interviewed.

    On youtube, I like when someone asks him why he isn't addressing her and he said, she's not running for president, John McCain is.

    It works to his advantage to stay above the fray, it makes her and the Republican's look worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ana-mish-ana View Post
    Yeah- and it shows the repubs want him to respond to her like she is important. But he is going against McCain - shes the spare potential head of state.

    By the way the rightwing nutsos are already preying for McCain's death-
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    This is just disgusting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    I like how she can keep ripping Obama, but won't take any questions from the media on her own record and set the record straight on the 'flat out lies.'
    I know!

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    I love how she say the "Obama/Biden Democrats" are picking on her. That way she can come back and say she didn't say they are doing it but those who support them are.

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