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Thread: Sarah Palin blasts press reports on Bristol's baby-daddy's job

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    She's under a LOT of scrutiny in Alaska now. People's eyes are now wide open to her grifting sliminess. She can't pull the wool over any more without being called on it. Which is fine, considering that she's probably planning on running for President in four years. She needs to be watched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    Yeah, wasn't she the first person to bring up in the press that he had the job? So it was alright if she is the one pimping the information, but no one else can say anything about it?
    Exactly. But Palin lives by her own set of rules.

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    i wasnt saying he deserves it, but saying he isnt the first (no matter what party) who got a job cause of the connection to a person.
    Of course he isn't the first but the whole gang up there in Alaska seem too stupid to realize that you can't get away with this kind of crap when you're under the national microscope. Or else they're so bloody arrogant they thought they could.
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