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Thread: Sarah Palin backs Alaskan parental consent abortion bill

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    Even if you are a good mother, chances are your teenage daughter is going to be scared to tell you. This legislation discourages abortions on many levels. Girls who don't want to go through with a pregnancy will practically be forced to either because they don't want to tell their parents or because the parents themselves won't allow the abortion.

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    This is such a sticky topic. I see both sides. I would want to know as a parent and if it were my daughters decision I would allow it. It would have to be her decision I could not make it for her, if she is old enough to make a baby then she should be old enough to make that choice. But on the other hand as parents we have to sign and be notified of a field trip, we have to sign for something as simple as a teeth cleaning but we should not have to be notified of this? I guess some parents would not allow it and that is wrong but for someone like me who is pro choice I would respect my daughters choice and just be there for her.
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    I personally would rather have a daughter have an abortion without my consent or knowledge than have a baby and ruin her whole life.

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    I support this. You have a right and a responsibility to know the medical history of your CHILD (under 18). An abortion is not just some casual, routine procedure. It can have serious physical and emotional consequences, and as a parent (especially if this child is still living under your roof), you need to be aware of it.

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