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Thread: Sarah Palin "annoyed" by Katie Couric

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevellingInSane View Post

    "Keeping it real" would have been Palin saying:

    I am an idiot who can not compose an independent thought. Katie would not allow me to answer from cue cards, which allowed my lack of intelligence to be broadcast to the world at large. I am annoyed with John McCain for choosing someone so unqualified to be his running mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ana-mish-ana View Post
    But will others like Giuliani and Mitt Romney will allow that to happen- And can you imagine the primary debates
    That will be fun to watch - I think if Obama wins the Republican party will fracture with alot of infighting from these factions and that may be a good thing because at the moment its being hijacked by nuts.
    I don't think Guiliani or Romney would have a choice in it. They've both been reduced to carrying around Palin's luggage basically. And I could see Palin destroying both of them in a debate, which doesn't say much for Rudy or Mitt.

    And, yeah, I wouldn't be shocked if the Republican Party fractured if Obama wins. I can see it splitting between moderate Republicans and evangelical Palin-Loving nutjobs.

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    If Obama wins, I don't think Palin is the most likely candidate for the 2012 GOP nomination.

    Quayle was an actual VP (it still boggles the mind) and he didn't go far in the primaries.

    I think Romney is a strong candidate. Ditto Huckabee. Possibly even Lieberman!

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    I forgot he ran in 2000! I was like, Dan Quayle does NOT run for the presidency. FAIL!

    Honestly, 4 years from now people will forget about Palin. Even if she for whatever contrived reason decides to run in 2012, she will actually have to campaign and work hard to maintain during the primaries (as opposed to be just being picked as a VP) and I don't think she's capable of that.

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention. Couric is much more attractive than Palin. What do people see in Palin I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter7 View Post
    katie couric annoys the hell out of me too.

    yes, she's always annoyed me because she's a crap journalist who relies on way too cutesy ("Katie" should have been changed to Kate before she ever stepped in to her first job), lipstick that clashes with her gums, and that annoying habit she has of kicking her crossed leg back and forth to apparenly draw attention to her 'hot gams'. It's ironic that these two prima donnas got to sit down with each other but it's really some of the best television that I've seen in a long time. They are both jokes; and as such it was a great career move for Couric, only against someone as dim as Palin could she have managed to look like the 'smart, serious one'. LOL.

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