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Thread: San Francisco Mayor and his new girlfriend's minor controversy

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    I have to agree that the 21 year age limit is ridiculous. It hasn't stopped them from drinking-you can get it very easily.
    IMO at 18 you are old enough to vote and decide who runs our country and old enough to join the armed forces so you should be able to go into a bar and have a drink.
    Having a legal drinking age of 21 does not stop drunk driving accidents from happening...I know some 18 year olds who are much more responsible than some 40 year olds.
    And like someone else posted, he is almost 20 years older than her, but they have an issue with her drinking? Whatever

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    Hey, what's wrong with a 20 year age difference between a man and a woman? Over 90 percent of hollywood actors over the age of 50 do it!

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    I remember when he and his wife were on 60 Minutes as the perfect couple. Whenever I hear perfect couple I know something is wrong. Their reason for divorce was due to "career conflicts". Uh huh. It always makes me wonder why two people who travel and work all the time ever think they are going to see each other.

    Makes me think back to being 20. I couldn't have dated a 40 year old man, would have scared me to death.

    First wife

    On Pride Day

    Edited to add:

    "Everyone expects him to have this big political career but he makes a lot of bad choices," says one editor at a local paper. "[Newsom's ex-wife] Kim was always putting her foot in her mouth and now he's dating this girl who's barely out of college. He lets his hormones take over." Indeed, Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom embarrassed the mayor when she made some crude comments about her husband's physical endowment and sexual orientation at a gay rights fundraiser in 2004."

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    When I was 20, I wouldn't have wanted to date a 40 year old man because I would have thought he was older than God.

    As far as the no drinking until you're 21 law goes, that law is flouted all the time anyway. When I was under 21, I had no trouble getting ahold of booze. Either it was generously provided at parties, or one could always get someone who was of age to go purchase the liquor on one's behalf.

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    I wouldn't have much of a problem dating someone that much older than me, I don't think. All my friends tease me because I think the most attractive (not hottest, there's a difference) men in hollywood are Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton, and I looooove Gil Grissom. They are 31, 32, and 35 years older than me respectively.

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