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Thread: Rush Limbaugh retaliates against Obama comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoAmI View Post
    Well, there are the gay rumors. . .
    Really? I have never heard these before but it fits nicely into my theory. LOL.

    It's like the boy at school picking on the little girl. Trying to get on her nerves but secretly because he lurves her. Ha.

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    I love this 'bipartisan' shit.

    When Republicans aren't bipartisan, it's because they have a mandate.

    When Democrats aren't bipartisan, they're being mean.

    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Shut your pie hole, you big fat, festering boil on the butt of society. Fucking idiot.
    Did you know that an anagram for "Conscious Uncoupling" is "Iconic Uncool Pus Guns"? - MohandasKGanja

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    That's funny that you should mentioned the butt boil. He got out of going to Vietnam because he has a pilonidal cyst. Rush Limbaugh's Pilonidal Cyst

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