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Thread: *Rumors and Speculation* Did Sarah Palin fake her last pregnancy?

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    CBJ is Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, Sarah Palin's family doctor or at least the one who wrote the official letter released in early November.
    Monday, February 16, 2009

    The Purloined Letter...

    …is Edgar Allan Poe’s famous story of the theft of a potentially damaging letter, and the clever way in which the amateur sleuth C. Auguste Dupin recovers the letter. Perhaps we “pathetic bloggers” are modern-day incarnations of Dupin, using our wits (and the Internet!) to try to solve the mystery of Trig Palin’s birth. In this spirit, let’s turn our attention back to another letter – this one is not “purloined” but is suspicious and certainly deserves more attention than it has received in this real-life “detective story.”

    The Purloined Letter, like the CBJ letter, is a wonderful play between revelation and concealment. CBJ's letter would appear to be something simple but close examination reveals that the structure and contents are actually highly suggestive (one could say convoluted) and open to many interpretations.

    To review: after delaying for weeks, at 10:30 p.m. on November 3, 2008, barely hours before Election Day, the McCain-Palin Campaign released a letter regarding Sarah Palin’s medical history. The odd timing of the release of this letter ensured that it would not receive any scrutiny prior to the election, and given their election defeat the next day, it has received little scrutiny since. In fact, ask most anyone who could be considered "pro-Palin," and they will tell you, indignantly, that of course Gov. Palin released her medical "records." In fact, she never did anything of the sort.

    Questions surrounding the letter were raised several months ago on the blog, but I did not have the opportunity at the time to investigate or address them in any detail, so frankly, this issue went on the back burner. Then, in early January, there was an extraordinary email exchange between Governor Palin and the editor of the Anchorage Daily News, Pat Dougherty. These emails made clear that ADN had assigned reporter Lisa Demer to report on the conspiracy story itself, to document how, what Dougherty calls "nutty nonsense" has nevertheless persisted for so many months. In conjunction with this, Demer was to try to “report the facts of Trig's birth thoroughly enough to kill the nonsense once and for all.” The amazing thing is that the emails reveal that, despite contacting Dr. Baldwin-Johnson (and others), Demer still – as recently as two months ago - did not receive the information ADN needed to “put this nonsense to rest.”

    How is one to interpret this? Reading between the lines, I believe that ADN contacted Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to corroborate the birth story on several occasions – but she has not, ever, in clear, simple, unequivocal terms, been willing to do so. This is - in fact - astonishing.

    Cathy Baldwin Johnson has never given a simple statement that Trig Palin was born at Mat-Su Hospital on April 18th, that Sarah Palin is his biological mother, and that she - Dr. Baldwin-Johnson - was physically present at the delivery. She would not do this at the following junctures:

    1. Back in April, when Trig Palin was allegedly born. She gave ambiguous statements to the press about the circumstances of the birth (several of which contradicted explicitly statements Gov. Palin made) and then she clammed up.
    2. On August 31st (when announcing it would have scotched the necessity of announcing – the next day – seventeen year old Bristol's pregnancy);
    3. In the letter released before the election
    4. To the ADN in December when they asked AGAIN.

    The questions that this leaves are astounding. Dougherty states unequivocally that he has no personal doubts that Sarah Palin is Trig Palin's mother, yet never is willing to confront – head on – the rank inconsistency that the Governor's own physician will not corroborate her birth story.

    As a result, I decided that it was time to delve further into the questions raised by the letter, and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson’s involvement in this case. I asked one of my research assistants to summarize the problems with the letter; that summary is here. We are releasing it in pdf form as it is quite long - five pages - and contains numerous legal citations.

    To summarize this pdf: This letter is the only documentation that has ever been provided by anyone about the circumstances of Trig Palin's birth. Yet it was not released by the doctor; it was not actually signed by the doctor; it has never been authenticated by the doctor; it contains information which the doctor could not know first-hand; it contains erroneous information; and most notably, it does not ever say that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin. The letter's unprofessional appearance, modified electronic signature and lack of clear factual statements give rise to numerous questions about its legitimacy, and some have suggested that these may be a deliberate ploy to allow Dr. Baldwin-Johnson “deniability” – that is, grounds to claim that she is not legally responsible for the letter.

    The problems with the November 3rd letter raise new questions about Dr. Baldwin-Johnson’s involvement, not only with the letter, but with the entire mystery of Trig’s birth. It is time to explore the medical, ethical and legal issues regarding this case.

    To be continued…

    posted by Audrey at 7:43 AM

    Palin's Deceptions: The Purloined Letter...

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    Here is the summary of the problems with the medical letter released by Cathy Baldwin-Johnson mentioned in the above post.
    The November 3, 2008 Letter

    The attached letter released to the media by McCain-Palin 2008, dated November 3, 2003 and pertaining to Governor Sarah Palin's medical history ("the letter"), is the only documentation that has been publicly released to verify that Governor Palin is the biological mother of Trig Palin. However, a close examination of the letter reveals a series of problems that appear to invalidate the letter's authenticity. These problems are summarized as follows:

    The letter was not released by the physician who purportedly wrote it and was issued too late in the campaign to be verified.

    1) The letter was released late on the eve of the election, precluding its thorough examination and verification prior to the election.

    2) The letter was released by the McCain-Palin Campaign, not by the physician who purportedly wrote the letter nor by any official spokesperson for the medical facility whose name is on the letterhead. Neither the physician nor the medical facility have authenticated the letter.

    By its appearance, the letter cannot be considered authentic:

    1) The signature of Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is not an original signature. Without an original signature, and without verification by the physician, the letter cannot be considered authentic. There are significant problems with the signature's appearance:

    a. The unusual gray "ink" color of the signature is exactly the same as the color of the letters "FP" on the line below. This anomaly could not occur unless graphic manipulation of the signature had occurred. Even inserting an authorized electronic signature file into the letter would not affect the color of the letters "FP." This indicates that the signature's appearance was altered and cannot be considered authentic.

    b. The line of the signature is not continuous and has the appearance of a copy, not an original signature.

    c. The alteration of the ink color was a deliberate attempt to make the signature look original, when it is not. While Dr. Baldwin-Johnson may or may not have authorized the use of her signature, by trying to make the letter look like it was signed in ink when it was not, the letter intends to deceive, lending credence to the letter being a forgery or fraud.

    2) The letterhead itself is not of a professional quality. The Providence Health & Services logo is smudged and the logo and address block are not parallel to the top of the paper; they are higher on the left side than on the right.

    3) The text of the letter on page one is crooked in relation to the edges of the paper. The printing is lower on the left than on the right; this skew is in the opposite direction to that of the misprinted address block and logo.

    4) The text of the letter on page two is higher on the left than on the right, relative to the top of the paper. The second page has no identifying feature to show that it was issued by Providence Health and Services, nor is there any initial of the typist or other indication of who prepared the letter.

    5) While these matters of the appearance of the letter may seem trivial, the blatantly unprofessional appearance of the letter may be a deliberate ploy to allow Dr. Baldwin-Johnson grounds to disavow it.

    The content of the letter attests to some facts that the purported author cannot know first-hand; contains at least one obvious error of fact; contains key sentences where the subject or object is a general article rather than a specific person; relies on inferences rather than clear statements of fact, and is open to varying interpretations.

    The letter attests to facts that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson does not know from first-hand experience. At a minimum, these include Sarah Palin's medical history prior to 1997 when she became Dr. Baldwin-Johnson's patient, and treatment that she received from other health providers, including but not limited to the amniocentesis and perinatological care. The letter makes no distinction between facts that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson knows first-hand and other information.

    2) The letter does not state that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson delivered Trig Palin or was present at his birth, nor does it state that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin.

    3) The language of the letter is unclear, indirect and ambiguous, allowing alternate interpretations. It uses imprecise terminology rather than precise medical terminology that one would expect from a physician's report. While reasonable people may infer that Sarah Palin is the sole subject of the letter, in fact that is not established. A careful parsing of the language reveals that the letter relies on inferences and indirect and general references, rather than clear, unambiguous statements of fact. It is remarkably devoid of precise medical terminology that specifically states the medical facts regarding Trig Palin's parentage.

    a. In paragraph 3, the letter refers to Sarah Palin's "deliveries," rather than saying that Sarah Palin gave birth in those years.

    b. Paragraph 3 also contains an obvious error of fact, the birth year of Piper Palin; this obvious error indicates that the remaining facts of the letter cannot be considered accurate and verified.

    c. In paragraph 4, in the first sentence the letter refers to Governor Palin's most recent pregnancy, but does not say that this was the 2008 pregnancy that resulted in Trig's birth.

    d. The following sentences do not specify to whom they refer. The second sentence refers to prenatal testing, but does not specify that Governor Palin was the patient. The subject of the third sentence is "she" but does not specify who "she" is.

    e. Instead of saying that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, it says "This child, Trig, was born..."

    f. Thereafter, this paragraph refers to Trig's health, not Governor Palin's health. This shift indicates that Governor Palin's health is not and cannot be assumed to be the sole subject of this letter.

    g. On page two, in the second paragraph, third sentence, the wording leaves open the possibility that someone else gave birth to "her last child." The letter in no way rules out the possibility that Governor Palin adopted Trig.

    h. Additional questions about Governor Palin's health that may be raised due to the vague language of the letter go beyond the scope of this analysis.

    4) This letter in no way constitutes a "medical record," was crafted beyond the point at which misinformation could compromise diagnosis and/or treatment, and was crafted for a non-medical purpose, and therefore would be self-serving hearsay and would not be admissible for its truth.

    At a minimum, these discrepancies cast serious doubt on the authenticity of the letter. This lack of verification is important because the letter is the only documentation that Governor Palin and/or her representatives have ever provided to the public to verify that she is Trig Palin's biological mother.

    Legal and Ethical Issues:

    Dr. Baldwin-Johnson's reputation and perhaps her medical license are at risk in this matter. Either she advised Governor Palin that, despite leaking amniotic fluid and experiencing contractions, she need not be examined by a physician and could instead continue with her plans for the day; or she is complicit in perpetrating a fraud. In either case, she could, and arguably should, lose her medical license. There is really no good outcome here for Dr. Baldwin-Johnson, as she appears to have acted unprofessionally in
    the one instance, and unethically and possibly illegally in the other.

    Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is subject to both the laws of the State of Alaska, and to the Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association. The following summarizes several legal and ethical issues pertaining to the letter, and to Dr. Baldwin-Johnson's role.

    The signature: Essential to the assessment of the legal situation is the fact that the letter appears to have an electronic signature or a signature that was inserted or modified electronically. The law pertaining to the use of electronic signatures states that:

    "A trustworthy electronic signature is a precondition to enforceability as a signature. Statutes adopting this approach typically require that electronic signatures possess four attributes - i.e., the electronic signature must be:

    (1) unique to the person using it; (2) capable of verification; (3) under the sole control of the person using it; and (4) linked to the data in such a manner that if the data is changed, the signature is invalidated. If all of these requirements are met, the electronic signature will be deemed to be a signature for purposes of that state's various statutory and regulatory signature requirements - i.e., the electronic signature will be enforceable."
    Ref: Electronic Signature Legislation

    If Dr. Baldwin-Johnson authorized the text of the letter in its final form, then she is legally responsible for it. However, Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is not legally responsible if the McCain campaign lawyers changed anything in the letter at the last minute and subsequently released it to the press without giving her the opportunity to review and approve it. Indeed, the late hour that the letter was released may have been deliberate, and might lend credence to a potential claim by the doctor that she did not review the final version. The fact that the letter includes an odd mistake, the birth year for Piper (2000 instead of 2001), may also (perhaps intentionally) lend credence to any claim by Dr. Baldwin-Johnson that she did not review the final version of the letter, since it has been reported that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson was the physician who delivered Piper.

    If any changes to the letter were made subsequent to her review and approval, she could legally deny responsibility for the letter's contents, as her signature would have been invalidated by the last minute changes in data made by the campaign. Of course, if she denied something that was true, she could be subject to sanctions, loss of license and potentially to criminal charges. Unless and until Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is subjected to an investigation, she is not legally obliged to say anything about the letter * although failing to correct any mistakes or misleading statements in the letter would violate the Principles of Medical Ethics (see below).

    In fact, despite Governor Palin's recent statements, there does not appear to be any public record indicating that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson has commented on the validity of the letter and its contents. However, in a most interesting new development, the recent email exchange between the Governor and the editor of the Anchorage Daily News indicates that ADN interviewed the doctor and she apparently did not confirm Sarah Palin's birth story. A reasonable inference from the emails is that the doctor may be implicated in a fraud.

    Forgery and Fraud: While Dr. Baldwin-Johnson may not be legally responsible for the contents of the letter if in fact she did not approve it or it was changed after her approval, she may be subject to charges of fraud. Depending on the circumstances, the person or persons who prepared the letter may be subject to charges of both forgery and fraud.

    Forgery: The creation of a false written document or alteration of a genuine one, with the intent to defraud.
    Forgery legal definition of Forgery. Forgery synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary.

    Fraud:A false representation of a matter of fact--whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed--that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.
    Fraud legal definition of Fraud. Fraud synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary.

    Medical Ethics:
    The Alaska State Medical Board (whose members are appointed by the Governor) may impose sanctions upon a physician if, after a hearing, it determines that a licensee "engaged in deceit, fraud, or intentional misrepresentation while providing professional services or engaging in professional activities." Sec. 08.64.326(2).

    Alaskan physicians are bound by The Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association, p. xiv, 2002-2003 Edition of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, Code of Medical Ethics, published by the American Medical Association. 12 AAC 40.955.

    Unprofessional conduct, which may be sanctioned, is defined as an act or omission "that does not conform to the generally accepted standards of practice for the profession," 12 AAC 40.967. Professional incompetence is defined as "lacking sufficient knowledge, skills, or professional judgement in that field of practice in which the physician ...concerned engages, to a degree likely to endanger the health of his or her patients."

    Unprofessional conduct specifically includes "committing, or attempting to commit, fraud or deception," and "falsifying, intentionally making an incorrect entry, destroying or failing to maintain patient or facility medical records for at least seven years from the date of creation of the record." 12 AAC 40.967(5) & (10). It includes failing "to report to the board or the board's representatives facts known to the licensee regarding incompetent or repeated negligent conduct, gross negligence, unprofessional conduct, sexual misconduct, or other illegal conduct by another licensee..." 12 AAC 40.967(19)(B).

    Unprofessional conduct includes "providing treatment, rendering a diagnosis, or prescribing medications based solely on a patient-supplied history that a physician licensed in this state received by telephone, facsimile, or electronic format." 12 AAC 40.967

    Under Alaska R. Ev. 504, where the physician-patient privilege applies, it applies not only to the patient but also to members of the patient's family "participating in the diagnosis or treatment under the direction of the physician"; the privilege may be claimed not only by a patient but also by her legal guardian. Rule 504(b)&(c). Among the many exceptions (instances in which the physician-patient privilege would not apply) is any instance in which a physician's services "were sought, obtained or used to enable or aid anyone to commit or plan a crime or fraud or to escape detection or apprehension after the commission of a crime or a fraud." Rule 504(d)(2).

    Notably, these provisions apply not only to Dr. Baldwin-Johnson, but to any other physicians and other medical practitioners who may have knowledge of a fraud in this matter. They cannot use patient confidentiality rules to abet a fraud; thus they may also have legal or ethical liability if the birth story is in fact a fraud.

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    I think the truth will come out long after I'm dead.
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
    --Sinclair Lewis

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    1. Cathy Baldwin Johnson, under the rules of HIPPA, is not allowed to divulge any information about Sarah Palin's medical history without Palin's explicit approval. The fact that CBJ won't say anything to anyone, is probably due to the fact that Palin refuses to give her permission.

    2. With all of this supposed stuff that CBJ has done, has anyone filed a criminal or civil complaint against her? Or is this just some blowing a lot of hot air around?

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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    "Babygate " conspiracy theorists, this post is for you!

    Truthseeker a frequent visitor to this blog, Mudflats, and Palin's Deceptions has taken the travel expense reports and painstakingly compared them to the events that we know were happening around those dates and times and comes up with some fairly startling revelations.

    Just put on your tinfoil hats and click the title, I don't believe you will be disappointed.

    by Gryphen at 4:17 PM
    Long but interesting...most interesting parts are bolded.

    Sarah doesn't seem to realize how many people are concerned with the timeline of events…. inconsistencies of her birth story…… and the strange set of events surrounding her.

    Link to photos: Deception...Sequence of Events - a set on Flickr

    12-04-2006 Monday- Anchorage to Fairbanks. Swearing in Ceremony Fairbanks (Bristol, Willow & Piper listed on Travel Report) ** Photo

    12-8-2006 Friday- Anchorage to Juneau (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    12-10-2006 Sunday - Open House at Governors Mansion Juneau (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)**Photo

    1-15-2007 Monday- Martin Luther King Day

    1-25-2007 Thursday- Juneau to Anchorage (Bristol, Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    1-27-2007 Saturday- Juneau to Anchorage. Opening night of Beauty and the Beast at Wasilla Valley Performing Arts Center. It is on Bristol’s report but not on Willows or Pipers. Also listed is Alaska Native society honoring first family (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    1-29-2007 Monday- Anchorage to Ketchikan. Overnight due to weather conditions. (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    1-30-2007 Tuesday- Ketchikan to Anchorage (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    2-4-2007 Sunday- Anchorage to Juneau (Piper on Travel Report)

    2-9-2007 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage (Bristol, Willow, Piper on Travel Report)

    2-10-2007 Saturday- Open Iron Dog Anchorage took family (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report) Returns to Juneau following day. **Photos

    2-11-2008 Sunday- Sarah’s Birthday

    2-16-2007 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage then drives to Wasilla. Leaves Wasilla to Fairbanks for Iron Dog (Piper on Travel Report)**Photos

    2-18-2007 Sunday- Fairbanks back to Wasilla (Piper on Travel Report)

    2-19-2007 Monday- Presidents Day- Anchorage Interview with Dan Fagan (Piper on Travel Report)

    3-6-2007 Tuesday- Juneau to Anchorage (Bristol, Willow, Piper on Travel Report)

    3-9-2007 Friday- Juneau to Inaugural Ball in Anchorage took family (Bristol, Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    3-11-2007 Sunday- Anchorage to Juneau (Bristol, Willow, Piper on Travel Report)

    3-21-2007 Wednesday to 3-30-2007 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    3-31-2007 Saturday- Anchorage to Nome. Inaugural Ball took family (Bristol, & Piper on Travel Report) Back to Anchorage the following day.

    3- 2007 Sarah first hears she is being considered for VP pick.

    4-8-2007 Sunday Easter

    4-13-2007 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage. Spring Mother Daughter tea with Bristol in Anchorage (Bristol on Travel Report) Returns to Juneau on 15th

    4-18-2007 Wednesday- Juneau to Anchorage to Wasilla. Report says attended Community Dinner in Glennallen Anchorage. (Bristol, Willow and Piper on Travel report) Returned 4-22-2007 Sunday to Juneau

    5-6-2007 Sunday- Juneau to Skagway Community Reception for Palin Family (Bristol, Willow and Piper on Travel report) Returned next day to Juneau. Piper comes home one day later.

    5-10-2007 Thursday- Juneau to Cordova. Governor Tapes Documentary in Cordova. Report show Sarah stayed at Bed and Breakfast with Piper and Willow. Sarah has since amended report by crossing out Piper and Willow’s name and writes in she is shared the room with her parents. (Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    5-20-2007 Sunday- Bristol flies from Juneau to Wasilla. Bristol does not have another travel report until 9-13-2007 when she returns to Juneau for Photo shoot and then flies back to Anchorage not to return to Juneau. Does school end in the middle of May?? Is she already home in Wasilla for the summer? (Bristol on Travel Report)

    5-22-2007 Tuesday to 6-1-2007 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage to Wasilla (Piper on Travel Report)

    5-28-2008 Monday- Memorial Day

    6-2-2007 Saturday- Bless the Fleet in Dillingham with Palin family. Returns to Anchorage following day (Piper on Travel Report)

    6-6-2007 Wednesday- Anchorage to Fairbanks returns next day. (Piper on Travel Report)

    6-13-2007 Wednesday- Attends Global food awards in Ketchikan (Willow and Piper on Travel report. Report signed by Willow) Revised and signed by Sarah stating also attend a family day picnic celebration on 6-13. Date for picnic is 6-16 on Piper’s travel report)

    6-17-2007 Sunday- Father’s Day

    6-20-2007 to 7-31-2007 Juneau to Anchorage. Family stays in Wasilla. (Willow and Piper on Travel Report) Mom is gone during some of this time to Kuwait.

    6-30-2007 Saturday- Family attends Mat-Su Governor Days event. That is what is listed on Travel Report. However according to Lt. Governor Parnell’s website:

    “During the weekend of July 27 and 28 2007, the Palin/Parnell Administration, hosted back-to-back picnics in the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage. At the Governor's Mat-Su picnic on the 27th, we honored Alaska's military. Veterans, active military, and military families make up 20 percent of the Mat-Su Valley's population, making the Valley a very appropriate location for the ceremony.”

    It must be that the date for Sarah going to Kuwait is incorrect….information from her own website…. see following date….or Sarah didn’t attend!

    7-25-2007 Wednesday- Sarah Palin visits Kuwait. Looks like Sarah needs to fill her resume in with a least one trip out of the country. Who is watching the teenagers? Does this create the time frame for Trigs birth? How long was she gone?? Was Todd with her???

    9-13-2007 Thursday- Anchorage to Juneau. Photo following day. (Bristol, Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    9-14-2007 Friday- Track leaves Anchorage for Juneau to join family for Family Photo. Flies back to Anchorage same day. (Track on Travel report)

    9-14-2007 Friday- First Family Photo for Alaska Magazine Juneau (Bristol, Willow and Piper on Travel Report. Track is in this photo) Return to Anchorage 9-16-2007. ** Photo

    9-15-2007 Saturday- Bristol returns back to Anchorage and does not continue school in Juneau but starts school in Wasilla.

    9- 2007 Track suddenly enlists into the military supposedly because of his continuing partying and involvement in drugs? Did Sarah come back from Kuwait to find that Track and Bristol partied and possibly had a little too much freedom and irresponsible behavior? What date did Track leave?

    10-5-2007 Friday- Anchorage to Juneau, returns to Anchorage next day. Sarah takes her family to visit HUB Juneau Christian Teen Center. Revised to also state the first family hosted high school football team dinner at Mansion. Also Colony Volleyball Team Tour at mansion (Bristol & Willow on Travel Report)

    10-07-2007 Sunday through Thursday- Bristol goes with her mother to NYC for 4 days. Sarah is invited to attend NewsWeeks Third Annual Women and Leadership Conference and takes Bristol with her. Maybe a time for Mother and Daughter to consider what her options might be if Bristol is indeed pregnant? Bristol is not seen again and has no travel reports again until June 2008 except for the Feb. 15 2008 Luncheon where she may or may not have been. No photos have been located and no real documentation exists that she was there.

    10-18-2007 Thursday- Bristol’s Birthday 17th. That would make Bristol 16 when she got pregnant with Trig.

    10-25-2007 Thursday- Anchorage to Fairbanks. Attend Pipeline training tour and Grand opening of Fairbanks Medical Center. (Piper on Travel report)**Photo

    10-26-2007 Friday- Anchorage to Juneau Alaskan/Russian Tea Party at Riverbend Community School in Juneau. (Piper on Travel report)**Photo

    10-31-2007 Wednesday- Halloween

    11-2007 Sarah announces November is Alaska’s National Adoption month. Rumors are heard at her school in Juneau that Bristol is Pregnant

    11-22-2007 Thursday- Thanksgiving

    11 or 12-2007 Bristol leaves Wasilla High School for no apparent reason.

    12-2007 Bristol is sent to relatives home in Anchorage?

    12-2007 Bristol attends West High School in Anchorage for one month prior to the Christmas Holiday….not to return after the Holidays….according to the principal.

    12-5-2007 Wednesday- Voices Across Alaska with Parnell ** Photo

    12-12-2007 Wednesday- Anchorage to Juneau for Open House (Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    12-14-2007 Friday- Sarah holds Open House at the Governors Mansion. Bristol is not in attendance at event. (Willow and Piper on Travel Report) ** Photos

    12-14-2007 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage at end of Open House. (Piper on Travel Report)

    12-25-2007 Tuesday- Christmas

    1-1-2008 Tuesday- New Years

    1-2-2008 Wednesday- Sarah at Wallmart or Target opening? ** Photos

    1-10-2008 Thursday- Bethal Visit **Photos

    1-15-2008 Tuesday- Anchorage to Juneau State of the State Address in Juneau (Willow & Piper) **Photos

    1-17-2008 Thursday- Sarah introduces the Health Care Transparency Bill. This bill would establish an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality, cost and other important matters to help them make better-informed decisions about health care in the state.

    1-21-2008 Monday- Unsure of event? **Photo

    1-25-2008 Friday- Juneau to Anchorage (Willow & Piper Travel Report)

    1-26-2008 Saturday- Speech to NEA – Alaska 2008 Delegate Assembly. Willow and Piper to sit at podium since Piper is poster child for NEA. (Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    1-27-2008 Sunday- Return Anchorage to Juneau (Willow & Piper Travel Report)

    1-31-2008 Thursday- Juneau to Anchorage. Attend Alaska Symphony of Seafood Buffet. Event was from 7:00 to 9:30pm although they arrived at the airport in Anchorage at 7:30pm. There is no evidence that they attended. (Willow and Piper on Travel Report) Sarah revised her expense report to state the event was 2-2-2008 instead of 1-31-2008.

    2-2-2008 Saturday- Iditarod Nations Historic Trail Kickoff event 7:00. (Willow and Piper on Travel Report) Sarah revised and took this event off her expense report.

    2-3-2008 Sunday- 25th Anniversary of the Tesoro Iron Dog Banquet (Willow and Piper on Travel Report) Sarah revised and took this event off her expense report. Returns to Juneau.

    2-5-2008 - Super Tuesday **Photo

    2-8-2008 Friday- Bristol is in a minor car accident in Wasilla outside of a local medical facility. Did she have a prenatal appointment that day?

    2-8-2008- Friday Juneau to Anchorage. (Willow & Piper on Travel report)

    2-9-2008 Saturday- Governor and family to attend Alaska Outdoor Council Banquet (Willow and Piper on Travel report) Wasilla **Photo

    2-10-2008 Sunday- Governor and family to attend start of Iron Dog Race (Willow & Piper on Travel report) Return to Juneau **Photo and Video

    2-11-2008 Monday- Sarah signs Safe Haven Bill to ensure a child could be safely left at local hospitals. **Photo

    2-11-2008 Monday- Sarah’s Birthday

    2-13-2008 Wednesday- Sarah’s walk to the office Video. **Photo and Video

    2-14-2008 Thursday- Valentines Day

    2-15-2008 Friday- Read to Weller Elementary School. Interesting detail she is wearing the exact same outfit two days prior that she wore on her famous walk to work. **Photo

    2-2008 Sarah goes to reporters to tell them that rumors that Bristol is pregnant are not true and tells them to squelch the rumors.

    2-15-2008 Friday- Sarah supposedly attends the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women’s Luncheon in Fairbanks. Sarah is said to have brought Willow, Piper and Bristol. Travel report states Willow and Piper were in the hotel with her on Willow expense sheet and that it was Bristol and Piper who stayed in the room with her on Bristol’s expense sheet. **No Photos

    Interestingly the airline ticket purchased for Bristol was purchased on the 13th. Willow’s and Piper’s was purchased on the 8th. Maybe it wasn’t Bristol who attended but a cousin who filled in? None of them were expected and supposedly room had to be made for them. No photos exist of them at the event. No documentation they even attended.

    (Bristol & Willow and Piper on Travel report). Other than this report Bristol has not been listed on a travel report since her trip to NY with her mother in October.

    2-15-2008 Friday- This is the day before the Iron Dog finish. The travel report didn't explain that the Iron Dog was in Fairbanks the next day and they attended it. Did Sarah claim she attended the luncheon with her children so the state could pay for her children to attend the finish of the Iron Dog? **Photos and Video

    From 10-7-2008 to 6-6-2008 Bristol is not listed on any travel report, except once on Feb. 15th 2008 and that is not verified!!!

    2-16-2008 Saturday- Sarah attends the finish of Iron Dog in Fairbanks after Todd breaks arm. Piper and Willow joins Sarah as she meets Todd at the finish line. Willow is waving at someone on the sideline to join them…but she remains on the sidelines….not to be seen. We know that Sarah didn't hide from the cameras. But we didn’t see Bristol did we! **Video

    2-16-2008 Saturday- Bristol flies back from Fairbanks to Anchorage. Last time Bristol was even alluded to being seen. From this point forward she is not seen until June. (Bristol on travel report)

    2-17-2008 Sunday- Willow and Piper Fly back from Fairbanks to Anchorage (Willow & Piper on travel report)

    2-18-2008 Monday- Presidents Day -Willow and Piper fly from Anchorage to Juneau.

    2-18-2008 Monday- Sarah does not look 6 months pregnant. In fact you can’t even tell from any photos of her that she is pregnant. Her co-workers didn’t notice that she was pregnant. Sarah has not told her children, family or co-workers that she is pregnant.

    2-22-2008 to 2-28-2008--Palin and Todd in Wash, DC for the Nat'l. Gov's Assoc. winter meeting held 23rd, 24th, 25th. (Todd returns earlier than Sarah). **Photos

    2-22-2008 to 3-1-2008 Juneau to Anchorage. Willow and Piper spent week in Anchorage according to travel report. Then Sarah changed and amended the travel report to “Not Show” their time was spent in Anchorage. Why did they not stay in School when their parents went out of town? Don’t they have someone who could have watched them so could attend school? Did Todd return early because Sarah needed to stay in DC and get that final nod for VP? Why would Todd come home early? Did Bristol have a problem with Trig? We know Willow and Piper have family taking care of them. So why did Todd return earlier? (Willow and Piper on Travel report)

    3-1-2008 Saturday- First family attends Iditarod activities (Willow and Piper on Travel report) Returns to Juneau following day. **Photo

    3-3-2008 Monday- Women in Leadership conference in Los Angeles. Sarah has several interviews. One is with NewsWeek another with KTLA television station and she also met with Frank Elan in his Hollywood office. He makes a statement that he didn’t even realize that she was pregnant **Photos & Video

    3-5-2008-Wednesday- Sarah tells Alaskans that she is pregnant. Why now Sarah? Do you need to start the charade to convince everyone that Trig is yours? 6 weeks from delivery isn’t very long to be scrutinized is it Sarah? Did you find out that the baby had DS and wouldn't be adopted out?

    3-6-2008 Thursday- Juneau to Anchorage (Piper on Travel Report) All of a sudden Piper is being taken alone with mom on her trips. Was she being kept from being around to see what was going on with Bristol?

    3-7-2008 Friday- Anchorage to Fairbanks (Piper on Travel Report)

    3-8-2008 Saturday- Fur and Ice Event (Piper on Travel Report) **Photos

    3-9-2008 Sunday- Anchorage to Juneau (Piper on Travel Report)

    3-11-2008 to 3-13-2008 Tuesday-Wednesday -Juneau Sarah attend Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. She is now 5 weeks from delivering Trig??? ** Photos

    3-13-2008 Wednesday- Piper returns from Juneau to Anchorage and drives that night to Wasilla. Report revised and amended “not showing” they were staying in Wasilla. School break isn’t supposed to start until the 17th. Why did they come home before school break started? Wouldn’t they finish before they came back home? Flies back to Juneau 3-23-2008 (Piper Travel report)

    3-14-2008 Sarah speaking at Alaskan Republican party's annual convention**Photo & Video

    3-15-2008 Saturday- Bristol returns from Juneau to Anchorage. Revised and amended to “not show” they were staying in Wasilla. Flies back to Juneau 3-23. What is going on during this time?

    Bristol did you just give birth or was Trig born earlier in Feb. and now needs surgery and or medical attention? Did you use an alias and or have a private room with only your doctor knowing? Sarah did you attend the subsequent hospital and doctor appointments associated with a Down Syndrome delivery during this time? Did Bristol deliver in Mat-Su or Anchorage? Why were you in Wasilla for 10 days with only one minor event to attend while you should have been in Juneau for the Legislative Session? Bristol you have been missing since your trip to NY. What have you been doing? Why isn’t there a travel report for Bristol from Oct. 2007 until June 2008 except for 2-15-2008 and that is suspicious? (Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    3-15-2008- Saturday to 3-23-2008-Easter Sunday- In Anchorage. Palin's endorsement of Parnell **Photo

    3-18-2008 Tuesday Sarah with Lisa Anchorage **Photo

    3-19-2008 Wednesday Classroom Visits…was amended an added to travel schedule

    3-22 -2008 Saturday- Prayer Breakfast in Anchorage ** Photo

    3-22-2008 Saturday- State High Basketball Presentations **Photo

    3-23-2008 –Easter Sunday- Return to Juneau per travel report (Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    3-26-2008 Wednesday- Juneau. This is the “Nail in the Coffin” museum trip. Gov Palin was signing an education bill at the Alaka State Museum in Juneau **Photo

    3-28-2008 Friday- Willow returns from Juneau to Wasilla. Sarah amends report to show she was in not in Anchorage but in Wasilla. (Willow on Travel Report) Willow is now not on a travel report again until 6-12-08. It does not show that Willow ever returned to Juneau to finish school so did she finish out her year in Wasilla after legislature was over?

    3-29-2008 Saturday- Sarah standing with a very pregnant woman dated 3-29. It is at a luncheon at the Governors Mansion. **Photo

    3-31-2008 Monday- Sarah Palin has named Steven Haagenson to serve as energy coordinator and executive director of Alaska Energy Authority. **Photo

    4-3-2008 Thursday- Frank Elan Interview and Fox Documentary **Photos

    4-3-2008 Thursday- Piper flies with Todd from Juneau to Anchorage to Wasilla. Amended report from saying she was in Anchorage to showing she was in Wasilla. (Pipers Travel Report)

    4-4-2008 Friday- Reading to Wasilla Christian School is only event during this trip. Who would do the reading if Sarah isn’t back? (Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    4-6-2008 Sunday- Returns to Juneau (Piper on Travel report)

    4-7-2008 Monday- Frank Elan or 4-3-2008?? **Photos

    4-8-2008 Tuesday- Sarah confirms her due date is May 18th and that she is having a boy. I can’t help but wonder if this little boy hasn’t already been in her arms?

    4-10-2008 Thursday- America Corps picture in front of Juneau Capitol building **Photos

    4-10-2008 Thursday- Juneau to Anchorage (Piper on Travel report) This is the last travel report for any of the kids until June.

    4-14-2008 Monday- Gusty interview with Sarah **Photo

    4-2008 Sarah's confuses everyone with her ever changing belly size. Sarah....can you explain these photos....they don't lie?! They just leave us confused!

    4-15-2008 Tuesday- Sarah makes the decision to fly to Conference in Texas late in her pregnancy knowing she was carrying a Down Syndrome baby. Her doctor would have told her that DS babies are a high risk for premature births. Typically 1 month early. So Bristol could have been due mid April but delivered mid March.

    4-17-2008 Thursday Sarah attends the Republican Governors Conference**Photos

    4-17-2008 Thursday Sarah’s Wild Ride and subsequent explanations leaving the watchful eye of the Alaskan Press and returning in the middle of the night when no one was expecting her?? Sarah was this a staged presentation of Trig as Your Child??

    4-18-2008 Friday- Sarah’s supposedly give birth to Trig. 1 month early with a heart condition. Her pregnancy is known to the public, family and friends for only 6 weeks before claiming to have given birth?

    4-21-2008 Monday- Sarah returns to work and exposes a supposedly 4 week premature Down Syndrome baby with a heart condition to undo risk bringing him into a public environment?**Photos

    4-22-2008 Tuesday- Attends National Junior Honor Society.**Photo

    6-3-2008 Tuesday- Piper leaves Anchorage for Juneau to attend Sealaska Event. (Piper Travel Report)

    6-5-2008 Wednesday- Bristol leaves Anchorage for Juneau to attend Sealaska Event. (Bristol Travel Report) Did Bristol need to tell Sarah she was Pregnant… again? Was she due sometime at the end of the year? Was he born a couple of weeks early or was he born after the first of the year? Why was he hidden until mid Feb?

    6-6-2008 Thursday- Anchorage and attended SeaAlaska Event in Juneau (Bristol and Piper on Travel Report) Both returned together to Anchorage 6-7-2008

    6-9-2008 Monday- Anchorage to Juneau First Family Reception. Meet Cathy Fredricks, dog sled owner, and her guest from Japan. Give tour of Mansion. (Piper on Travel Report)

    6-11-2008 Wednesday- Juneau to Anchorage (Piper on Travel Report)

    6-12-2008 Thursday to 6-21-2008 Saturday Travel from Anchorage to Juneau (Willow on Travel Report) Looks like this is the first time Willow returned to Juneau since 3-28-2008. What was going on??? Did Willow stay to help Bristol so Sarah could carry on the charade?

    6-15-2008 Sunday- Father’s Day

    6-19-2008 Thursday- Anchorage to Juneau. (Piper on Travel Report) From this point forward Piper is kept traveling and away from Bristol and with her mother.

    6-21-2008 Saturday- Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Juneau Perseverance trail, returning to Anchorage same day. (Piper on Travel Report)

    6-30-2008 Monday- Barrow Blanket Toss (Piper on Travel Report)

    7-2-2008 Wednesday- Anchorage to Juneau (Piper on Travel Report)

    7-4-2008 Friday- First Family 50th Anniversary Statehood Juneau Parade (Piper on Travel Report)

    7-5-2008 Sunday- Juneau to Anchorage (Willow and Piper on Travel Report)

    7-9-2008 Wednesday to 7-15-2008 Tuesday- Anchorage to Philadelphia. Sarah attends NGA Centennial Meeting and NGA Governors Youth Program. (Bristol & Piper on Travel Report) Bristol is on the radar again and Sarah is including her in her travels again. Also maybe she is the one who is the caretaker of Trig while Sarah governs. Sarah knows that she is being tapped for VP and is going to have to come out in the open with this pregnancy?

    7-28-2008 Monday- Anchorage to Juneau (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report)

    8-2-2008 Saturday- Anchorage to Juneau then returns the next day to Anchorage. First Family invited to Luncheon of Former First Ladies (Bristol, Willow & Piper on Travel Report) **Photo

    8-14-2008 Thursday- Anchorage to Juneau to pack up house for 3 month closure for water line replacement. Returns to Anchorage 8-16-2008 (Willow on Travel Report)

    8-31-2008 Sunday- Sarah announced at Vice Presidential nominee.

    9-1-2008 Monday- Sarah claims that her daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant to dispel ongoing rumors that Bristol is also Trig’s mom?

    9-11-2008 Monday Governor Sarah Palin, Lieutenant Colonel Daly, and Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell attend the 1/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team Deployment Ceremony at Fort Wainwright on September 11**Photo

    9-2008 Track Leaves for Iraq

    10-31-2008 Friday- Halloween On the campaign trail

    11-4-2008 Tuesday- Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States

    11-27-2008 Thursday- Thanksgiving! Isn’t that the truth!

    12-6-2008 Saturday-Anchorage to Juneau (Willow & Piper on Travel report)

    12-9-2008 Tuesday- First family photo shoot and open house in Juneau. (Willow & Piper on Travel report)

    12-9-2008 Tuesday- Juneau to Anchorage (Willow & Piper on Travel report)

    12-18-2008 Thursday- Sherri Johnston is arrested for selling drugs even though it was known and being investigated before the election?
    Inconvenient timing don’t you think Sarah? Maybe you had something to do with it being kept from the public until just after the election? Was this Tracks supplier? How long did you know Sarah? Since….maybe last Sept. 2007 when he enlisted in the Army?

    12-25-2008 Thursday- Christmas Day

    12-28-2008 Sunday- Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston is supposedly born to Levi and Bristol in Palmer Alaska??? Time of birth 5:30am weight at birth 7lbs 7oz .

    2-11-2009 Wednesday- Sarah’s Birthday

    2-15-2009 Sunday- Tripp has been kept hidden from the media and the public since he was born only to be seen the first time by anyone in Greta’s interview with Bristol

    How old is Tripp. 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 weeks. Let's count backwards and we will have Trigs birth date!

    3-5-2008 to Present: Sarah's shows a blatant lack of willingness to substantiate her story with any real credible evidence? Sarah shows her inability to acknowledge concern over her inconsistencies and her defensiveness and need to blame everyone but herself for her tainted image?

    So Sarah, when you go to the media and complain about how you are being viewed unfavorably by the media and others…. maybe you should take a good look at this list!! This is YOUR list Sarah Palin.....not anyone else’s. This is why your media campaign to change the perspective of all of people who don’t believe “Your Story” doesn't accomplish anything.

    Sarah….we have already learned this lesson of diverting attention from the truth… from Bush?? Just because you keep repeating YOUR STORY Sarah....doesn't mean it is true or that we have to believe it! We aren’t just listening to your words Sara Palin….we are watching your actions and they tell a very different story!! This timeline tells the entire story!!

    Sarah if you realized how many people are still pursuing this deception and the inconsistencies of your stories….you might see the necessity of a clear and complete disclosure of all the facts… truthfully….humbly…and apologetically. Maybe then you can stop the defensiveness and find a place in your heart where you can find healing for yourself…and your family.

    Sarah these are my observations and opinions and are the best conclusions I can come up with following your story. We won't stop looking and asking questions until we feel we have found a satisfactory answer to all the contradictions!!?

    This may not contain all the facts but the burden of truth is on you Sarah to convince us. You are OUR public servant and we are holding you accountable for our perceptions and opinions of you. I am just one of many that still find your story…. Unbelievable!

    Flickr: TruthSeeker222

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    Interesting.... *does the plotting evil fingers thing*

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    It's good that the article mentioned tinfoil hats. It has a lot of un-sourced "facts" in there. In fact, the majority of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    It has a lot of un-sourced "facts" in there. In fact, the majority of them.
    Which ones?

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    How much time is there for Bristol to get pregnant between Trig's birth and getting pregnant with Umm Mitchell is it?

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    The timeline is interesting, as are all the dated photographs.
    The Palin camp can't choose which facts are allowed in this saga and which
    facts are not. The fact remains that it's the Palin camp itself that released
    the idiotic and irresponsible tale of the 40+ year old mother of 4, leaking
    amniotic fluids and in labor while pregnant with what she knew to be a
    special needs child, who traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles,
    delivered a speech, flew all those miles back without notifying the flight
    crew and staff and after the flight chose to travel even further for hours
    before delivering said child. Even if all the other stuff proves to be false,
    then this spells failure in big bright neon letters for sure.
    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy View Post
    Which ones?
    As far as I can see, virtually the whole timeline cited. Where is the link back to the original news site that published the original photos and information for each event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    As far as I can see, virtually the whole timeline cited. Where is the link back to the original news site that published the original photos and information for each event?
    You completely misread it then. The timeline is compiled from the expense reports submitted for Palin's children. Anyone could have done this. It's public information. Photos can be seen at this link as the post stated. All the photos are labeled and in chronological order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    As far as I can see, virtually the whole timeline cited. Where is the link back to the original news site that published the original photos and information for each event?

    Go back and read it again.

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    I've always been on the fence as to whether it was her kid or not but damn, it really is an odd situation and it gets odder every time I come to this thread. Something isn't right in Mudsville.
    'Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.' Ben Franklin

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy View Post
    You completely misread it then. The timeline is compiled from the expense reports submitted for Palin's children. Anyone could have done this. It's public information. Photos can be seen at this link as the post stated. All the photos are labeled and in chronological order.
    I think I read it accurately.

    The photo links aren't to the original photo sources. They are photos compiled and captioned by the conspiracy theorist. Even when she cites the source, I have no idea whether she did it accurately or not. And some of them have captions like "not sure if this date is accurate or not." It doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the theory.

    And as far as I can see, the timeline is the conspiracy theorist's recap of the expense reports. Where is the link to the expense reports themselves? Where did the person get them? I'd like to see them for comparison purposes. If they are public information, as you've mentioned, why don't they show the basis for how they compiled the reports?

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