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Thread: Report finds Sarah Palin abused her power

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    I love the headline, it's on the wires as 'abused her power'. Now maybe the media will stop handling the power-abuser with kid gloves.

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    You expect his sort of thing from Hilary Clinton, but Caribou Sarah?? I'm shocked (not).

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    Supporter of the McSame ticket will not care about this. They will spin it as a witch hunt. But it may sway some independents.
    I talked to a McCain/Palin supporter at my job tonight and he could care less that the report found that she abused her power.

    When we were talking about it he made a Freudian slip and said that 'he'd liked to see Palin in a position.' Even he caught it and tried to clean it up and said he likes her stance on the issues. I told him you just want to fuck her, so you could care less what she does. Then he started rambling about how liberal women are ugly and Obama and ACORN. Gotta love conservatives.

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    Here's a link to the full report if it hasn't been supplied already:

    Troopergate Report: Full Text

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