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Thread: Religious right isn't happy with Pres Obama, which means he's doing everything right

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    If people don't like our attitudes, maybe they should, you know... just leave? We're not really any different, in any forums or topics

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    Well, if our 'facts and knowledge' weren't a problem, then why didn't you leave all of your posts in place and stand by your political position?
    Exactly. It's one thing to just abstain from certain threads but to take the effort to delete what you've written days earlier? I will never understand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by L1049 View Post

    I don't know if a decoder ring is worth eating bran flakes.
    It is my avowed belief that constipation creates conservatives - so a girl's gotta keep it movin' on lest I become an uptight prig.

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