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Thread: Ralph Nader to announce 3rd presidential bid?

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    Yeah, I don't buy that. I'm far left enough to want comprehensive, solution oriented, well funded and strictly policed social programs instead of the usual badly funded, incompetent and useless ones most places have in place. That's my idea of a social safety net, and where most of them fail. They aren't policed properly and they waste money.

    Again, it's the "don't be fucking stupid, stupid" lefty in me. You need help? Fine, let's get you help. No problem helping those who want to work at it, let's get you back on your feet. The minute you fuck with me you're gone though. Don't jerk the system around.
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    I'm of the mind that welfare (entitlements) and illegal immigration can be fixed together- as one problem with one solution.

    First, those who are on welfare, guess what? You HAVE to work. And yes, that may mean picking strawberries, doing some landscaping, and even some construction/carpentry. In return, the gov't will help you find a place to live, etc. Now, if you do not work, you're cut off. Plain and simple. Enough of this something for nothing culture.

    Now, if you take those on welfare who are able to work (and there are millions of them), and have them work the jobs that (according to John McCain, 'Americans won't do'), there will be no jobs for illegals. Take away the reason to come here, and they won't come. Oh, and those who try to bilk the system, hire illegals, etc., guess what? Jail time for you and have fines, which to many small business, would end their business.

    So, earn your keep, end illegal immigration, and play by the rules. Sounds good to me.

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