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Thread: President Obama announces his pick for surgeon general, Dr. Regina Benjamin

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    Quote Originally Posted by L1049 View Post
    .....on rock and roll.

    I forgot that Rachel Maddow uncovered some memo the other night that Pat wrote to Richard Nixon years ago about affirmative action saying that he should use it to help ethnic Catholics. And that Nixon should give the 'Jewish' & 'black' seats on the Supreme Court to ethnic Catholics. But he's bitching about Sotomayor being an affirmative action pick. LOL.

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    you already know.


    many many many traditional western doctors don't take proper care of themselves either. its sad. they have stressful lives though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotncmom View Post
    Sorry, so many young people are dumbasses these days (not that I know whether you're young) that half the people on the internet can't even write or spell correctly, so I don't expect them to know American history.

    It's hard to convey sarcasm in writing.
    On another forum I frequent, they unofficially adopted red as the color of sarcasm, so when somone posts in red font, you known they're being sarcastic...

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    I'm sick of all the fat talk. She's an attractive, brilliant, middle aged woman who hopefully will do the position proud.

    If IIRC, Jocelyn Elders wasn't exactly runway slim either and nobody gave her a hard time.

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