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Thread: Popular Mechanics prove John McCain is an ignorant tool

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    Didn't feel like diggin into this can of worms, but work is slow.

    We opened this discussion with Sen. Obama's assertion that we can offset the need to reopen offshore drilling—and save money at the pump—by keeping our tires inflated properly. He's right
    Here is a video of what Obama actually said: » Obama’s Answer to Drilling Debate: Inflate Your Tires

    Forgetting the fact that the DOE report and all the other Statistics are extrapolations based off of estimates that come from surveys - even if you just accept the numbers (which I think are crap) ... it turns out Obama was off by about 200 thousand barrels or so, and the "guestimated" savings from inflating the tires, tune ups and filter changes would not equal the amount you could drill offshore (which I'm completely against also cause it won't solve a damn thing either).

    But Americablog makes it seem like Obama was right when he said pumping up tires pressure could save as much as we could get from drilling, and he just wasn't cause even the useless numbers they use to support his statement prove he was wrong.

    Check it out:

    Political Punch

    Either way I still feel the same way, bunch of baby kissers lying with statistics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    Yeah, I find that hard to believe considering independent assessments by various bodies have consistently rated US machines lower in every possible spectrum.
    Show me an independent assessment showing a Japanese car getting double the milage of a comparable American car. Besides, there is no such thing as a "purely" Japanese or "purely" American car these days. There is so much "cross-pollination" in the auto industry.
    What I really want to know is whether it makes your poop glow in the dark after eating it! ~ Kittylady

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