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Shinola - I already heard that some publishers are facing difficulties- my friend just lost her job because the publisher that she works for are facing difficulties and they had to downsize
Yeah, it's been going slowly down since Bush took office and the economy has gradually weakened. Book publishers have been doing better than magazines and news outlets, because the Internet isn't such a direct competitor, and digitally delivered books actually earn more money "per unit" than bound books.

Unfortch, many book publishing companies now are owned by media conglomerates that are hurting because of their other even-more-beleaguered holdings. The amount of money that Americans spend on book per household per year has been a pitifully low number for a long time. I don't remember the exact amount--maybe around fifty bucks? How much close to zero can it go?

Anyway, I am a self-employed freelancer these days. Sometimes freelancers do okay when publishing is in straits because the companies farm out work that otherwise might've been done in-house. If not, I guess I can always go, um, flip burgers?