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Thread: Pentagon blocks Barack Obama from visiting wounded troops. Highly illegal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FriendOrFoe View Post
    I have read a few more things on this, and while he could have visited with one of his Senate aids, he chose not to out of respect for the soldiers. He did visit wounded soldiers in other places as part of a congressional group.

    I stand corrected on this.
    His Senate aids were back in the States when he was in Germany!
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    Here's the part people are overlooking...

    The Iraq part of the trip was paid for by taxpayers, so it was a trip made by a seated Senator. It was not a campaign trip, and he was allowed to be photographed with servicemen and have his entire staff there.

    The European part of the tour was paid for by Obama's campaign- so anything on it was campaign related.

    The visit to the troops could have happened, but without campaign staff, and no media. It was cancelled. They should have just went quietly and privately. They had to know this would boomerang.

    McCain has not been allowed to do the things Obama has not been allowed. McCain was denied the chance to speak at the Naval Aviation Museum in April, as it is located on the Naval base at Pensacola. He was allowed to appear at the football game as that is private property and not owned or operated by the military. His speech to the midshipmen had to be private. No media.

    Bush is allowed to appear with servicemen as he is not campaigning, he is President (like it or not). Commander -In- Chief of all armed forces.

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