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Thread: Pennsylvania newspaper publishes thinly veiled Obama death threat as personal ad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Lane View Post
    But to understand the ad you have to know history and stuff, so no one at the paper really got it. It's kind of like The Da Vinci Code.

    So I guess this newspaper doesn't have editors?
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    I live in PA and have said in previous threads during the election that I was worried about whether or not Obama would win the state because of the racism. It is not necessary the Western part of the state. It is more the Northwestern and Upper Central areas. Those areas lead most of the country in white supremicists groups. It is terrifying!

    I wonder if this ad was called in or placed on-line?
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    Name one president not one whack job wanted to see offed? Elections bring out the mentally imbalanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Here is why it slipped through: alas,most of stff would have no problem identifying Lincoln or Kennedy as being great presidents. Garfied-to most of them-is a cat in a cartoon & McKinley a far off mountain.
    I have to say if this wasn't pointed out I would of missed the whole thing.

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