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Thread: The NRA girds its tiny loins for another gun-restrictions fight

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    This is what the Swiss gun legislation actually says. It's very similar to the rest of Europe, ie, strictly licenced and controlled. The 'every household must have a gun' is one of those antiquated, arcane laws that nobody has bothered to repeal (yet) and I highly doubt that every Swiss household obeys such a law.

    On June 20, 1997, the Swiss Parliament adopted
    a federal law on arms, arms accessories and
    ammunition (Arms Act), which entered into force
    on January 1, 1999. As a general rule, the Arms
    Act requires a permit for each transaction
    involving weapons or relevant parts of weapons
    purchased from an authorized gun dealer's shop.
    Permits for purchasing weapons are issued by the
    competent authorities of the Cantons, which have
    to ensure that the necessary legal requirements
    are fully met.

    In addition to requiring the above-mentioned
    permit to purchase weapons, the Arms Act also
    requires a special certificate to bear arms in
    public. A person who requests such a permit must
    demonstrate that he needs to bear arms in public
    in order to protect himself, other persons or
    goods against specific risks. To obtain a permit to
    bear arms one also has to pass an examination on
    the correct handling of weapons as well as a test
    on legislation on the use of firearms. Permits are
    normally valid for a specific type of weapon and
    for the entire territory of Switzerland, but are
    limited to five years.
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    you already know.


    oh yeah i just remembered; i dont like the Swiss....damn neutral country! Its not normal!!!

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