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Thread: Non-US Gossiprockers, who would you vote for President if you could?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tee-ha-ha View Post
    No, intelligence is inherent. Someone is smart due to what they know, correct? How is that not the product of education?
    I disagree. I know a lot of people that I would consider "smart" but not "educated"

    So does the Oxford dictionary, which considers smart a synonym for intelligence:


    adjective 1 clean, tidy, and stylish. 2 bright and fresh in appearance. 3 (of a place) fashionable and upmarket. 4 informal- having a quick intelligence. 5 chiefly N. Amer. impertinently clever or sarcastic. 6 quick; brisk


    noun 1 the process of educating or being educated. 2 the theory and practice of teaching. 3 information about or training in a particular subject. 4 (an education) informal an enlightening experience
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    All of God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable.

    If I wanted the government in my womb I'd fuck a Senator

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    Smart is a person that can hide his ignorance longer that a stupid one..but not for ever.

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    A truly smart person is someone who knows how to put the seat down.

    *lame assed joke, carry on*

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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    A truely smart person stops digging when they are in a hole.....

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    All the book learning in the world doesn't mean crap without common sense.

    I know countless people who have x many masters degrees, etc. and don't have a lick of practical common sense. Why? Because they've had their nose in a book for too long!

    IMHO, the best education you can get is free. Its called life. And you never stop learning.

    Education is what you learn.
    Intelligence is how you apply what you've learned.
    And wisdom is knowing when you're right, and when you're full of shit.

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