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Thread: Muzzles lifted: Election secrets spilling out

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    She's running around now telling every media outlet that this isn't true. I wonder if the McCain camp/RNC will hit back at her.

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    Oh they will lol
    And I bet there will be more leaks and smears on the horizon especially if Romney and Rudy 911 Guiliani who will want to put that nail on the coffin for her 2012 ambitions.

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    "L.A. Times reports that a Republican National Committee lawyer is headed to Alaska to inventory and retrieve the items still in her possession. "

    I don't get how people can read that sentence and still think she has a chance in 2012. Not with the RNC, she doesn't.

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    I like that she ran off with all the clothes, like they wouldnt follow her
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    Something about the whole Palin thing reminds me of a movie or gothic novel or something. Like, haven't I seen that plot before?

    1. Is there some movie or book where a "country cousin" who seems like a harmless bumpkin turns out to be a gold-digging schemer who marries an old guy and then bumps him off?

    2. Of maybe Sarah is like a Holly Golightly type who comes to big city and pretends to be a sophisticate but then her hick husband (Todd) comes looking for her?

    3. Or maybe it's like All About Eve where she only pretends to be all sweet and innocent but she's really trying to take the presidency away from John McCain?

    4. Those hillbillies looting Neimans remarks reminds me of that show The Riches where the traveler-type con artists move into a house and take over the occupants' lives.

    I just keep thinking, damn, this is going to make an awesome Primary Colors-type movie.

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